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Analysis in Hotel Support Innovation and Value Advertising Paths Based upon Value Cycle Theory∗ Supporter Linsheng 1, Han Yu2, Wang Na2 School of Management, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, P. Ur. China, 430070 2 Shijiazhuang Broud Business Consultation Company. Ltd, Shijiazhuang, P. 3rd there�s r. China, 050011 (E-mail: [email protected] com, [email protected] com, [email protected] com. cn) 1

Summary: It has confident significance to get promoting lodge value by analyzing hotel service advancement and the way of value improvement. This conventional paper uses worth chain theory for reference. It details value formula of resort service market based on evaluating and studying the value chain structure as well as the implementation procedure for general organization and service industry. Finally it analyses the way of hotel value improvement, and provides some suggestions of hotel support innovation and value improvement. Key words: Motel service; Service innovation; Lodge value improvement

1 Introduction

Michael Tenir first proposed the " Value Chain” concept in the book " Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Excellent Performance”(1985). The value chain theory points that, there is the benefit chain between your upstream and downstream businesses, and also in the internal corporations. Porter is convinced that " each venture is the variety of various activities in the process of design, production, sale, sending and supporting their products. All of these activities could be indicated by a value sequence. ” Avoir distinguishes major activities and support activities in the value chain. Primary activities happen to be directly interested in the creation or delivery of a products or services which can be arranged into five main areas: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, advertising sales, and service. Each of these primary activities is connected to support activities which help to further improve their performance or efficiency. There are several main aspects of support actions: procurement, technology development (including R& D), human resource management, and infrastructure (systems for planning, finance, quality, information managing etc . ). With Michael jordan Porter's worth chain instrument, it can attain the decomposition of total value with the enterprise from your company's internal processes, to allow enterprises to totally understand the creation processes which create benefit, and how to improve it in promoting corporate worth. Value sequence management stresses the effect in the overall organization operation, rather than one-sided pursuit of optimization of individual business activity.

2 Value Recognition Process of the Hotel Assistance Industry

Actually enterprises ought to keep competitive advantages in specific links of the value chain to be and enhance value. By simply analysis valuable chain, it could find critical value areas that help enterprises find the core competitiveness to form and consolidate the competitive benefits in the industry. Benefit realization procedure in service industry is rather unlike the general production industry. The manufacture merchandise experiences the R & D processes, which is product innovation, and after that production procedures, marketing, service and other elements (exchange processes), finally is actually sent to you to meet buyer needs. The staff of make enterprise get in touch with products indirectly, that is totally different from hotels and also other service corporations whose employees contact clients and provide solutions to consumers directly. Generally speaking, the resort service method a series of the visible item and unseen service to meet the customer accommodations, catering, entertainment, and other demand. From the perspective of client, in the lodge, they consume a series of products. In detail, first of all, the material products, that is the physical products used by consumer, such as meals and beverage. Secondly, the sensual delight, the customer seems...

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