Utilization of Biodegradable Kitchen Wastes Into Organic and natural Fertilizer Applying Earthworms

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 Essay about Utilization of Eco-friendly Kitchen Waste products Into Organic and natural Fertilizer Employing Earthworms

Utilization of Environmentally friendly Kitchen Waste products into Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms * Abstract

Among the effective ways to at least lessen the occurrence of our present waste disposal is actually through the use of methods that are nontoxic, less expensive, less-harmful, and yet evenly effective. This kind of project aims to provide for an all natural and effective way of getting rid of garbage. Throughout the experiment, kitchen wastes were collected. The materials were shredded and placed in waste bags with small holes. The temperature inside the hand bags was allowed to lower. Three set-ups had been prepared and were covered with plastic-type material. The initial box comprised pure carabao manurd, the second box covered 70 percent carabao manure and 30 percent prepared kitchen waste products and the third box comprised pure highly processed kitchen waste. Lumbricus terrestris was placed in each installation. The bins were put into a lighted area while maintaining their moisture. After blow drying, the Lumbricus terrestris were gathered. The resultant item, called " earthworm castings, ” was then sun-dried and passed through a fine sieve to remove international materials. Benefits showed which the casting by kitchen wastes and manure was greatest in percentage total nitrogen, third greatest in percentage total P205, and top in percentage total K20. It was figured organic kitchen wastes can be converted into a competitive organic fertilizer using Lumbricus terrestris. The organic fertilizer produced by applying earthworms may compete when it comes to nutrient items with other organic and natural fertilizers. 2. Introduction

An excellent alternative in solving our garbage is actually vermicomposting, the method in which organic wastes will be decomposed obviously with the use of worms. This analysis focuses on the efficient decomposition of organic kitchen wastes using Lumbricus terrestris and converting these types of wastes in organic fertilizer that can remain competitive in terms of chemical content with other organic fertilizers. This examine...

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