Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium

 Essay about Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium




Part performance of the Regulation of Torts-Ubi jus ibi remedium



Mats Regulation school, Raipur

Guided by simply:

Prof. shri D. T. Jain


Miss. Sona Rizvi


Submitted By:

Miss. Aruna Adiley


1st Semester


I, Miss. Aruna Adiley in this article declare this report is usually record of Authentic operate carried out by me personally during the academics year 2012-2013.

Signature in the student

Miss. Aruna Adiley ------------------------------------


It is a matter of great satisfaction for me to post this statement based on my own project in " Part performance of the legal Technique –Precedent” which I do think will be a property throughout living.

I are grateful and express my personal sincere as a result of Jain Sir & sona mem, pertaining to giving me the opportunity to gather data and information about the job and helping me through various means in completion of the task report.

We am immensely grateful to my esteemed guide my Faculties in whose continued and invaluable direction can never end up being neglected.

This " s my delight to thanks a lot all the persons involved in completing the task and their useful contribution to my job report.

I sincerely give thanks to the government of Pads Law College for which includes such a thoughtful means of Project Report into the curriculum of LLB.

" Miss. Aruna adiley,



Judicial precedent is another important source of legislation. It is a differentiating feature of the English legal system seeing that most of the common law is definitely unwritten and owes it is origin to judicial precedents.

Precedents include a binding force in judicial

assemblee for deciding like-cases in future.

In continental countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Judicial Preceding has just instructive worth and it is not really authoritative. The importance isno greater than regarding a text message book of law. However, in English language legal program, it has respected importance and it is, in fact , a legal source of rules which the courts are sure to follow.

In respect to Salmond the regle of preceding has two meanings, specifically:

(1) Within a loose sense precedent involves merely reported case-law which may be cited and followed by the courts.

(2) In its strict sense Preceding means that case-law which not simply has a wonderful binding power but should also be implemented. Holdsworth helps the

doctrine of precedent Has become a controversial issue.

There is absolutely no dissatisfaction with all the practice of citing situations andattaching excess weight to these people, the difference of opinion, is just as to the present practice of treating precedents absolutely binding.

Precedent as a source of law: --

precedent provides a binding pressure and therefore, costly important source of law. Revealing his thoughts about precedents Blackstone pointed out that it is an established rule to adhere to the former precedents where the same points come again in litigation.

They also maintain the scale of justice, even and constant and not liable to be waived away with every new judge's opinion. Proper rights Cardozo also supports the view outside the window that adherence to precedents should be the guideline and not very.

The regulation of precedents should, nevertheless , be left behind if it is inconsistent with the sense of proper rights or negative to social welfare coverage.

The practice of precedents features gained prefer with British courts since it leads to certainty of rules and also predictability of decision is always preferable to approximation of ideals. Once again, it allows illogical and unsatisfactory decisions to be overruled to meet the ends of justice.

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