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The appeal of current leading holiday destinations compared with regarding currently expanding tourist destinations and evaluation of how characteristics of any tourist destination affect the appeal3 Economic characteristics3

Physical characteristics4

Interpersonal characteristics5

Personal characteristics6



Problems that affect the demand for tourist destinations as well as the potential for accountable tourism to boost the web host community for worldwide traveler destinations8 Issues8




The goal of this task is to display the differences among developed and developing countries in terms of sociable, economic and political factors and to understand why tourism is chosen while an option to build economic riches and the issues likely to impact the popularity of Holiday destinations. To show this, I have picked different types of places such as: seaside areas, visitor towns and cities, business and conference destinations, country areas, history and ethnic destinations and purpose developed. Tourism is known as a large and a growing market, and during the time achieved a large number of definitions. One of the tourism meanings is given by Tourism Contemporary society in Cardiff which says that: " Tourism is the temporary short- term motion of the individuals to destinations beyond the places where they normally living and working and their activities during their stay at these destinations. ” (The Travel Society in Cardiff reported in Jones 2006: g. 2).

The appeal of current leading holiday destinations compared with that of currently developing tourist destinations and evaluation showing how characteristics of your tourist destination affect the appeal

The tourists want to explore Travel Destination Areas that deliver 'must-see' destinations, high-quality services and memorable experiences. The tourist benefit of destinations that achieve individuals goals is usually high, and can generate significant traffic and revenue progress for their community. Also, you will find factors that affect the traveler appeal of a destination.

Economic characteristics

Travel and leisure industry not only generates improved foreign income, but in the same time is a key factor upon jobs creation, creation of diversity of skills, multiplier effect, improvement on facilities, income technology and attraction of new investment. Tourism is definitely an attractive instrument for economical development, particularly in the expanding world. Market is a core economic of modern societies and an indispensable motor of progress, also it is important to developing countries, to widen their creation base and meet developing needs. The stages of economic creation, starts with pre-industrial meaning (agriculture meaning), professional (goods production) and post-industrial (services). Gross domestic product (GDP) presents " the industry value in the final goods and services produced in an economy over some time period (Dryden Press, 1996). The Gross Domestic Product's components will be: consumption, gross investment, govt purchases, net exports. Currently taking account of its mixed direct, roundabout and induced impacts, travel and leisure and tourism's total economic contribution in 2012 was US$ 6. six trillion in GDP (2012 prices); 260 million in jobs; US$ 760 billion dollars in purchase (2012 prices); and US$ 1 . two trillion in exports (2012 prices). (WTTC, 2013, l. 1). Tourism has become an essential source of income for the majority of of the countries of the world. Travel is an invisible account, and may be household, in-bound (incoming tourism) and out- sure tourism (involves people leaving the country). The cash flow elasticity of appeal of tourist means that as the household earnings of people in the developed world increase, even more disposable income will be described towards travel. Also,...

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