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Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFM) lives through their motto of " Whole Food, Whole People, Entire Planet. ” WFM opened their initial store in austin tx, Texas with 19 employees in 1980. Today, WFM has 311 stores in the US, Canada and the UK, and employs much more than 72, seven hundred employees. Entire Foods Companies are one of the greatest natural and organic meals retailers in North America. WFM has grown to its size today typically through mergers and acquisitions of this kind of brands because Bread and Circus and Natures Heartland. In 2011 and 2012 Complete Foods Marketplace was put into the Lot of money 100 " Best Spots to Work” list. Fortune Magazine (2012) STRENGTHS

Whole Food is known for achieveing a commitment to superior quality organic products. WFM was the first nationwide grocer to have the " Certified Organics” seal. Inside their annual survey, WFM promoted: " We have high standards and our goal is usually to sell the highest quality products we all possibly can. Were buying real estate agents for each of our customers and never the offering agents intended for the manufacturers. ” Not only can they help you select the greatest food, they will also help you select normal, organic health insurance and beauty items. WEAKNESSES

As the company proudly stands by its American grassroots with 97% of its income generated domestically, there's hardly any emphasis in reaching internationally. Furthermore, you can actually store fronts such as distribution centers, bake-houses and grocers include long-term lease obligations and they are subject to it is risks. With long-term rents, relocation and lease renewals become challenging. Some possess dubbed a store " Complete Paycheck, ” meaning you could spend your complete week's salary shopping generally there. Cost and target clients aside, in line with the company's Kind 10-K, they have enjoyed a 13% progress over FY 2011 amassing $4. one particular Million altogether gross income but with almost $3 Mil in direct store bills. Consequently, you can actually net...

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