The truly amazing Schism

 Essay about The Great Schism

The truly amazing Schism of 1054

The fantastic Schism was the division of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church during the middle ages. The split took place in 1054 due to doctrinal, theological, linguistic, personal and physical reasons. The patriarch of Constantinople (Greek Church) and the Pope (Roman Church) were principal players in this function, as they experienced different viewpoints on small things. These types of included controversy on types of procedures during mass; the exact nature of the O Trinity and whether the use of icons was appropriate rather than sculptured or perhaps engraved photo. Their thoughts and opinions on relationship and what things to use during communion differed. When the market leaders of the Church buildings refused to compromise with each other, they led to excommunicating the other person. Therefore , the Christian cathedral split into the Eastern branch (Greek Orthodox) and the Western (Roman Catholic) and has remained that way till this day. The expertise of the schism shook the building blocks of religion, which held the one authentic pope was your ultimate specialist on religious matters. The nature of the House of worship changed via being a single whole and believing inside the same points, to having precisely the same goal but practicing various ways of attaining it. This kind of teaches us that though things alter, the mission of the Catholic Church remains the same. That may be to be evangelists and say the kingdom of God through mass/ceremonies. Bibliography

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Portrayal of the love in Mark's Gospel

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Deffinbaugh, B

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