The Three Stages

 Essay about The Three Phases

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TheВ ThreeВ StagesВ

" ItВ isВ goodВ toВ haveВ andВ endВ toВ journeyВ toward, В butВ itВ isВ theВ journeyВ thatВ mattersВ inВ theВ end, ”(UrsulaВ K. В LeGuin). В OneВ ofВ myВ biggestВ journeysВ В inВ lifeВ isВ whenВ IВ startedВ toВ playВ badminton. В MyВ personalВ experiences, В andВ myВ experiencesВ withВ othersВ andВ theВ worldВ reflectВ threeВ ofВ theВ firstВ fiveВ stagesВ ofВ theВ archetypalВ journey. В MyВ journeyВ startsВ withВ theВ ordinaryВ world, В theВ callВ toВ adventure, В andВ theВ meetingВ ofВ theВ mentor. В В В

Experiences in my ordinary world have shaped my beliefs and understandings of the ordinary world.  The ordinary world is the beginning of the hero's journey.  This is the place of comfort for the hero,  and where the hero intends to come if he/she must leave.  Before my call to adventure to play badminton,  my ordinary world consisted of me living with my parents and siblings,  and going to school five days a week,  and hanging out with my friends.  This was where I was most safe.  When we watched " ​ Up” ​

inВ class, В IВ

cameВ toВ believeВ thatВ theВ ordinaryВ worldВ wasВ theВ mostВ comfortingВ place. В EllieВ andВ CarlВ wereВ justВ twoВ littleВ kidsВ whoВ endedВ upВ gettingВ married, В andВ livingВ aВ happilyВ marriedВ life. В ForВ themВ everythingВ wasВ perfectВ justВ theВ wayВ itВ wasНѕВ untilВ EllieВ hadВ passedВ away. В EvenВ thoughВ sheВ passedВ awayВ Carl'sВ homeВ wasВ wereВ heВ feltВ closestВ toВ hisВ wife. В InВ " ​ FreedomВ


, В IВ wasВ shockedВ atВ howВ muchВ ourВ ordinaryВ worldsВ wereВ different. В TheirВ worldsВ wereВ fullВ withВ crimeВ andВ violence, В andВ manyВ ofВ theirВ familiesВ hadВ kickedВ themВ outВ ofВ theirВ homes, В beatВ themВ up, В orВ areВ inВ prison. В MyВ ordinaryВ worldВ andВ experiencesВ withВ text, В

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haveВ taughtВ meВ toВ beВ happyВ withВ whatВ IВ have, В becauseВ notВ everyoneВ elseВ hasВ itВ easyВ likeВ IВ do. В В

MyВ personalВ experiences, В andВ myВ experiencesВ withВ othersВ andВ theВ worldВ reflectВ theВ callВ toВ adventure. В ThisВ stageВ inВ theВ archetypalВ journeyВ isВ whereВ theВ heroВ isВ presentedВ withВ aВ problem, В challenge, В orВ adventureВ toВ undertake. В ThisВ make'sВ theВ hero'sВ...

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