The Green Light's Significance in the Great Gatsby

 The Green Light’s Significance in the Great Gatsby Essay

Kayleigh Scherzer

Honors British


30 April 2013

The Green Light

The of the green light in the new Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a significant symbol, which reflects Gatsby's dream and also other aspects past Gatsby's desire. Throughout the story Fitzgerald uses many other images or symbols. At first, it might appear very basic, when the image is tightly studied, one could see the deeper meaning throughout it. Fitzgerald uses these types of symbols to get a point across for the reader, changing them in to deeper connotations and misguided beliefs about America. The green lumination mentioned inside the novel evidently is a prime example of this. 
Before evaluating the significance of the green light, 1 must find out what a symbol is. A symbol cannot be seen as a sign. Both are very different. A sign can be an object, which will signifies another thing. For example , an environmentally friendly traffic mild instructs motorists to continue. A symbol is more complex than this. A symbol may also indicate something else while seen in the simplest circumstance. A symbol amounts up a large number of ideas and attitudes. The complexity of your symbol can be more strong than a indication because it can have many meanings in several situations (Beckson). 
The ok is first stated in part one of the Wonderful Gatsby. Nick, the narrator of the novel, sees Gatsby curiously stretching his arms out towards the water. Nick went to observe what Gatsby was taking a look at, and all he could find was "... nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, which may have been the conclusion of a dock. " (21) At this point in the novel, the symbol of the green light is introduced to the reader. The reader will not know that the sunshine is about Daisy's pier. Therefore , one cannot affiliate Gatsby with Daisy. You does be aware that Nick admires Gatsby for his dream, which is in some way linked with the green light. Colour green presents life, hope, and youth. Gatsby's dream will live as long as he remains looking at the green...

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