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As HIV was diagnosed in the U. H. over 47 years ago the rise in fresh cases have caused significant a crisis throughout the nation. Although there is more details now regarding prevention and how the disease is distributed the number of situations continue to grow. Teenagers, Dark-colored males and homosexual and bisexual guys make up the highest number of new cases. For what reason? Is not the history of this disease enough to guy people wish to consider precautions? For what reason do the range of these new cases multiply?

HIV/AIDS first appeared in the United States in the early 1980s. Five homosexual males were cured for a particular type of Pneumonia known as Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP) in Los Angeles therefore two of the men died. Physician's soon found that the HIV these men got obtained advanced to HELPS. This prognosis came from the truth that this form of Pneumonia was only present in patients with compromised immune systems. The men had under no circumstances met, yet because these people were all gay males led doctor's to call the disease Gay Related Immune system Deficiency (GRID) initially. Additionally they theorized the disease was contracted sexually.

In 1966 according to genetic studies, HIV produced landfall in the U. H. Evidence implies that its U. S origins came from Haiti. Many Haitians worked in the Congo which is where HIV is thought to have started. Initially treated with AZT doctors discovered that the mortality was constantly rising with out other treatments were successful, mostly because of the mystery of HIV and just how it was, and can contracted. Following years of hit-or-miss treatment doctors eventually located that HIV could lead to ASSISTS which typically condemns a person to death, certainly not from the disease itself nevertheless from the issues. In the mid-eighties the face of HIV/AIDS in the beginning was that of homosexual guys. While that stereotype persisted for many years individuals are now viewing a different face of HIV/AIDS. Wives, mothers, and teens make up the highest number of new cases even though the homosexual men population provides seen continuous growth and a lot recently a tremendous increase in amount. The CDC estimates you will find upwards fifty-thousand new situations of HIV yearly with two-thirds in the new instances being gay and lesbian and androgino males. Additionally to these figures, African American both males and females have nearly an 8-10 times bigger rate of infections than their White counterparts. As the transmission rate is still substantial, about a single every on the lookout for minutes the transmission of HIV to every subgroup which include homosexual men has climbed progressively. In line with the CDC's 2013 statistical info, an estimated 1, 148, two hundred persons old 13 and older had been living with HIV infection in america, including 207, 600 (18. 1%) folks whose infections had not been clinically diagnosed. (CDC. com/HIV/statistics) A the year 2003 investigation of HIV types found in america, compared to regarded mutation rates, suggests that the virus might have first arrived in the usa in this season. The disease distributed from the 1966 American follicle, but remained unrecognized for another 12 years. (ThetimelineofAIDS. com) The HIV/AIDS outbreak shows splendour as it impacts all age groups, contests and sexes. One of the most interesting age groups the virus affects is the teenagers age group. Record data has proven the new HIV cases in teenagers has increased markedly in the last 10 years. Exactly where originally the virus was identified in gay males and named GRIDS it has changed lanes and is at this point changing living of teens between the age ranges of 13 and 19, with a significant shift in the African American community. Over the past 36 months teenagers include accounted for thirty-nine percent coming from all new HIV infections in the usa. In comparison, young adults from age ranges 15–29 encompassed twenty-one percent of the US population this year. Teenage guys who have...

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