MARK 463 CHAPTER 12 Essay




3 simple types of retail spots: pp. 252-258




3 types of Designed Shopping Zones Table 10-1 pp. 259-261

Position / Web page Evaluation Checklist Figure 10-7 p. 263

Multiple Decision - Terminology/Concept

1 . In what type of area does a retailer have no adjoining stores to share or create traffic?

a. isolated retail outlet

b. business district

c. strip

g. shopping center

installment payments on your Which site type is generally characterized by simply no competition, very good road visibility, and easy parking?

a. separated store

m. business section

c. deprive

d. shopping mall

3. A significant disadvantage to the isolated shop location is that _____.

a. costs including outside light and reliability cannot be distributed

b. local rental costs will be high

c. leases can easily restrict retail outlet operations

m. neighboring stores can cause a great overstored environment

4. Which usually of these area forms is unplanned as being a unit?

a. regional shopping center

b. community shopping center

c. community shopping center

d. central business region

5. The hub of retailing within a city is considered to be the _____.

a. central business section

b. area business section

c. secondary business section

d. line

6. The greatest shopping region in a town that is identifiable with the term " downtown” is the _____.

a. thread

b. central business district

c. supplementary business region

d. local shopping center

Multiple Choice -- Terminology/Concept

several. The greatest attentiveness of workplace buildings and retail stores happens in the _____ business area.

a. unexpected

b. central

c. area

d. supplementary

8. A central organization district is usually characterized by a degree of _____.

a. convenience stores

b. car parking facilities

c. suburban enclosure

d. ethnic and entertainment facilities

being unfaithful. At least one main department store and a broad grouping of specialty and convenience stores are found in the _____ business district.

a. neighborhood

w. secondary

c. unplanned

deb. central

twelve. A buying area in a city or town that is certainly usually bounded by the intersection of two major roadways is a(n) _____ organization district.

a. neighborhood

w. central

c. secondary

g. unplanned

14. A secondary organization district generally is made up of a minimum of _____.

a. several department stores and a broad group of specialty retailers

b. a grouping of stores with similar items lines

c. a junior department store, and several larger specialty stores

g. a superstore and several assistance stores

(c; Moderate; p. 255)

12. Which purchasing location provides the greatest attention of grocery stores?

a. neighborhood business region

b. second business area

c. central business region

d. regional shopping center

13. A chain is composed of _____.

a. a supermarket or possibly a variety store and convenience-oriented stores

w. at least one key department store and a broad number of specialty shops

c. by least one junior variety store, a variety retail outlet, and service shops

deb. stores with similar or perhaps compatible catalog

Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept

14. Car dealers, vintage stores, and clothing shops are most likely to become located in a(n) _____.

a. neighborhood organization district

b. secondary business district

c. string

g. isolated site

15. Designed shopping centers will be characterized by _____.

a. central ownership or perhaps management and balanced tenancy

b. an increased concentration of office structures and retailers

c. no adjacent merchants

d. low rental costs

16. The style stating the fact that type and number of stores within any planned middle should complement each other regarding the quality and variety of all their product offerings is _____.

a. balanced tenancy

b. occupancy assurance

c. price tag balance...

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