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In general, the top area is a sum of all areas of all of the shapes that cover the surface of the object. Cube | Rectangular Prism | Prism | Ball | Canister | Products

Note: " ab" means " a" multiplied by " b". " a2" means " a squared", which is the same as " a" times " a".

Be aware!! Units depend. Use the same units for a lot of measurements. Good examples

|Surface Part of a Dice = 6 a a couple of

[pic](a is the length of the side of each and every edge in the cube)

In words, the area of a cube is the area of the 6 squares that cover it. The region of one of which is a*a, or a 2 . Since these are generally all the same, you may multiply one of them by 6, so the area of a dice is 6 times one of many sides squared. В

|Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism = 2ab + 2bc & 2ac

[pic](a, b, and c are the extent of the 3 sides)

In words, the top area of a rectangular prism is the are in the six rectangles that cover that. But all of us don't have to determine all six because we can say that the top and bottom are exactly the same, the front and back are exactly the same, and the left and right sides are identical. The area with the top and bottom (side lengths a and c) = a*c. Since there are two of them, you get 2ac. The leading and again have part lengths of b and c. The spot of one of these is b*c, and there are a pair of them, therefore the surface area of those two is usually 2bc. The left and right area have side lengths of the and m, so the surface area of one of them is a*b. Again, you will find two of them, so all their combined surface area is 2ab. В

|Surface Area of Any Prism

[pic]В (b may be the shape of the ends)

Area = Assortment area & Area of two ends

(Lateral area) sama dengan (perimeter of shape b) * L

Surface Area sama dengan...

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