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GPA Scores for Starnes (Above) and McGrail (below)


Starnes: IQR=. 66; and < 1 . 91 and n > 4. 55

McGrail: IQR=. 35; n 3. 78

1) Pertaining to the initial sets of data, I have chosen to use a box & whisker plot to represent the two allocation of GRADE POINT AVERAGE among Starnes' and McGrail's students. After plotting your data given, it seems that Starnes' info is around symmetric, while McGrail's is apparently a little skewed to the left, having more college students among the higher end of the GPA scale.

The first quartiles, Q1, in both allocation are the same at 2 . on the lookout for. But , Starnes' median of 3. 2 is a lot higher than McGrail's at three or more. 0. Q3 is also greater in Starnes' class. Kids of both equally GPA distributions are practically the same, because of in part to the outliers in McGrail's class (3. 95, 3. 98).

From the two container plots, we can conclude that Mr. Starnes did in reality have more college students with bigger GPAs. But even with this kind of being the truth, Starnes continues to have more variance in terms of GPA than McGrail's class and a more equal distribution between his learners. According to the field plot, McGrail has more than 50% of her college students above the median, as in, more than 50% " bright” students. Which leads myself to the supposition that McGrail could possibly be stacking her class, as it looks that this lady has accumulated even more bright college students than common students. SAT Scores to get Starnes' AP Stats Category SAT Scores for McGrail's AP Numbers Class

2) For the 2nd distribution of SAT results among Starnes' and McGrail's students, I possess chosen to make use of histograms. Following plotting Starne's distribution, it seems that his info is nearly a similar across the chart, and close to, but not really like his GPA scores in the earlier demonstration. McGrail's distribution, on the other hand, appears to be more symmetric.

SAT Results

Starnes (above)

McGrail (below)

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