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Question Simply no 1

Precisely what is benefit of Help feature associated with every windowpane?

Microsoft windows XP provides several help and support services. Microsoft or windows 7 help and support providers are provided both offline and online.

Every single program in Ms windows provides a separate support and support window. Therefore when you available the Help windowpane from one plan, such as Microsoft company Office Term, and then go to another software, such as Microsoft Office Prospect, and wide open Help, you observe two independent Help home windows with individual help alternatives.

Some advantages of using help and support in Windows XP:

We could have the Teaching of the software (How to work with and work the software). We can personalize the application.

We can have the data regarding Creating and faxing.

We can have the information regarding Security and Privacy.

We are able to have the info regarding Functionality and repair We can have the information regarding Accessibility Options. We can have the information relating to Administration.

We are able to have the data regarding Mending a problem (software or hardware related)

Problem No 2:

What is difference between " menu bar” and " standard bar” in Or windows 7?

|Menu Bar |Standard Bar | |Menu bar is situated below title bar. |Standard bar is found below the menu bar. | |A menu bar is a horizontal remove that contains prospect lists of available|The bar of icons (save, print, support, etc . ) on the display screen below | |menus to get a certain plan. |the menu bar in applications. | |Nearly most programs include a menu bar as part of their consumer |Not every programs include a standard tavern as part of their user | |interface....

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