Stocks and shares and Joint Stock Businesses in the New Economic Version

 Essay about Shares and Joint Share Companies in the New Monetary Model

Shares and Joint Inventory Companies inside the New Economic Model

Elena Torlopova

1st year student

The teachers of Foreign Economic Relations

Group 3

Routine service

* The key information about joint stock firms

2. Advantages and disadvantages of joint stock companies

* " Blue chips”

* Conclusions


Hello, dear fellow workers. I'm happy to see everyone here. Thanks to your approaching. Let me begin by introducing me. My name is Elena Torlopova. Now i am a junior of the Condition University in the Ministry of Finance in the Russian Federation. I research at the section of the worldwide economic associations. My strive for today's display is to offer you information about Stocks and shares and Joint Stock Corporations in the Fresh Economic Style I plan to be short. My display will last only 5 minutes. Unsurprisingly, my business presentation is split up into 3 primary parts. To start with I would like to give you the basic concepts and qualities of joint-stock companies. However would like to look into benefits and lacks of joint share companies. Last but not least we are going to discuss the definition of blue poker chips and look at a situation wherever they are applied. Please disrupt me if you have something which requires clarifying, normally there will be time for your questions at the end of my talk.

The main information regarding joint inventory companies

Joint-stock firm (JSC) is a company, the authorised capital of which is divided into a certain number of shares held by investors. Shareholders keep no responsibility for its responsibilities and run the risk, within the worth of shares belonging to these people, of deficits associated with the industry’s activity. A joint-stock company in which stocks and shares can be traded freely and which may have got unlimited volume of shareholders is an 'open' joint-stock firm. A joint-stock company which shareholders have a pre-emptive right to buy shares sold by different shareholders is actually a...

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