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1 . Determine drift speed?

2 . State ohm's legislation?

3. StateKirchhoff's laws?

some. DefineTyndall scattering?

5. Condition coulomb's law?

6. Express some Applying superconductors?

several. State flemming right side rule?

almost eight. Differentiate PD and EMF?

9. Establish Quality aspect?

10. Separate polar by nonpolar molecule?

11. How come it is safer to sit in an exceedingly bus during thundering?

12. Define Electric powered potential?

13. State Faraday's law of electrolysis?

14. State Guass law?

12-15. State Faradays law of electromagnetic debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction?

16. What are the methods of manufacturing induced emf?

17. Determine electric polarization?

18. Precisely what are uses of capacitor?

19. Define freedom?

20. Establish temp co-efficient of resistance?

21. Express the applications of secondary cellular?

22. Determine peltier co-efficient?

23. Exactly what are the limitations of cyclotron?

twenty-four. Define one ampere?

twenty-five. Define rms value of alternating current?

26. State Huygens principle?

twenty-seven. Define certain rotation?

28. Define electric energy and electrical power?

29. Determine one coulomb?

30. Big difference between Fresnel and fraunhoffer diffraction?

23. What are the factors which affect optical rotation?

thirty-two. Why the center of Newton ring appear dark in color?

33. Define electrical flux?

34. Define dipole and dipole moment?

thirty-five. Define halo discharge?

thirty-six. Define capacitance?

37. Condition Lenz legislation?

38. Establish self-inductance?

39. Why heavens appears green in color?

40. Establish optic-axis?

41. Define crucial temp?

41. Differentiate peltier and joule heating impact?

42. Determine Thomson co-efficient?

43. Point out ampere circuital law?

44. Why Nichrome is used being a heating factor?

45. Express Nuetral and inversion temperature?

46. State Tangent law?

47. The right way to increase the current sensitivity of the galvanometer? 48. State flemming left hand guideline?

49. Precisely what is meant by electromagnetic debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction?

50. Identify AF coming from RF chokes?

51. Conversion of galvanometer in to ammeter and analog voltmeter?

52. POWER ammeter simply cannot read air conditioner why?

53. A Capacitor blocks power why?

54. Define efficiency of the transformer?

55. Condition the application of IRGI rays?

56. What are the conditions for total internal expression?

57. Point out the additive law of charges?

fifty eight. What is meant by electrostatic shielding?

59. State the working of best microwave oven?

60. State Brewster regulation?

61. Establish emission and absorption spectra?

62. Exactly what are fraunhoffer lines?

63. Write a note in band emission spectra?

sixty four. Differentiate interference from diffraction


1 . Define skip distance

2 . What are you will of laserlight?

3. State Mosley's legislation?

4. Define 1 curie?

5. What are the advantages of negative opinions?

6. Specify modulation component?

7. What is Zener break down?

8. Specify extrinsic semiconductor?

9. Express De-Morgan's theorem?

10. What are the medical applications of LASERLIGHT?

11. Exactly what are the evidence of unique theory of relativity? 12. State a few of the properties of neutrons?

13. What are the advantages of IC?

14. Express the barkausen condition of oscillator?

15. Determine bandwidth in the amplifier?

of sixteen. What are the conclusions with the Laue try things out?

17. Separate inertial from non-inertial framework of research? 18. Specify ionization energy?

19. Exactly what the conditions of laser action?

20. Exactly what the limitations of electron microscopic lense?

21. Determine stopping potential?

22. Establish pair creation and destruction of subject?

23. Precisely what is meant by simply IC?

24. Draw the circuit picture of CERTAINLY NOT gate applying transistor?

twenty-five. What is Zener diode?

21. Drawthe routine diagram of summing amp?

27. What the properties of nuclear pressure?

28. What are the uses of indivisible reactor?

30. Define 1 roentgen?

40. State the principle of Millikan petrol drop try things out?

31. Whatare applications of electron microscope?

thirty-two. What are cosmic rays?

33. What are leptons?

34. Specify rectification?

35. Define suggestions impedance?


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