Water Pollution Ulbs

 River Polluting of the environment Ulbs Essay


River Pollution

A: Today, the newspaper seems to be filled with articles about River Pollution. Aren't right now there better what you should report regarding?

F: В No, В youВ areВ wrongВ Apek. В RiversВ areВ veryВ importantВ asВ sourcesВ ofВ drinkingВ waterВ andВ as waterways. Rivers have monetary and cosmetic roles. So , that's why we should care the rivers just as much as we can.

Queen: В WhyВ doesВ riverВ pollutionВ occurВ rampantlyВ inВ ourВ country? В DoesВ thisВ happenВ becauseВ ofВ irresponsible human being activities just like throwing rubbish everywhere or perhaps humans think that they have satisfactory water products so they don't need to maintain your river within our country?

SВ: В TheВ mainВ causesВ ofВ riverВ pollutionВ areВ theВ dumpingВ ofВ animal, В humanВ andВ toxic wastes. Besides, human are take for granted about the estuaries and rivers because they think the waterways have no function to all of them. You can see there are numerous other factors of the river air pollution. So everybody should know the reasons ofВ river polluting of the environment, which then will help us to overcome water pollution.

AВ: В WhoВ areВ theВ culpritsВ then?

Farreneheit В: В WeВ areВ allВ responsible. В LookВ atВ someВ peopleВ whoВ areВ dumpingВ rubbishВ indiscriminately in the rivers that will turning all of them into water of waste. Even a lot of factories remove their effluents and poisonous substances in to rivers which is so badВ for the riv.

S: Cannot we whatever it takes to protect each of our rivers?

Q: В OhВ yesВ weВ can. В WeВ canВ helpВ toВ increaseВ publicВ awarenessВ aboutВ theВ rolesВ ofВ rivers. When people learn how important streams are, they are going to stop dropping rubbish. We could also participate in campaigns such as " Take pleasure in Your River” campaign. Besides, we can plan ‘gotong royong' projects in ourВ communities and cleanВ up parts ofВ river. В

S: В WhatВ willВ happenВ toВ aВ riverВ whenВ nothingВ isВ doneВ toВ cleanВ theВ pollutedВ river?

FВ: В IfВ weВ leftВ theВ riverВ toВ waste, В theВ riverВ wouldВ ultimatelyВ die. В AsВ youВ canВ see, В aВ deadВ river can be cloudy and smelly. This is because the riv has no oxygen. A dead water cannot support aquatic your life. Fishes happen to be one...

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