Positive Effects of Korean Reunification

 Positive Effects of Korean Reunification Essay


Results of Korean Reunification


The purpose of this kind of paper is always to identify positive effects of Korean language reunification. The Korean reunification refers to the hypothetical upcoming reunification of North Korea and Southern region Korea within single federal government. The process toward this was initiated by the 06 15th North-South Joint Announcement in August 2150, where the two nations consented to make work towards a peaceful reunification in the future time. However , you will find difficulties from this process because of the great politics and financial difference between two Koreas and other related countries such as the USA, The japanese, China, and Russia. This paper was created for your readers to explore situations of modern Korean society. Key Words: Reunification (Unification), Korean Conflict, Nuclear stand-off, Economy of Scale

What is going to be good effects of Korean Reunification?

Thesis Statement:

Though Korean reunification is extremely hard to achieve, you will discover more positive aspects than down sides after the Korean language reunification method. Three results are expected to occur as benefits of feasible Korean Reunification: more available land and increased armed forces values.


I. A bad impact on Korean language peninsula protection and overall economy after Kim's death. pg. 1 II. A historical background of Division of Koreapg. 2

3. First confident effect: More available landpg. 2

A. More resourcespg. 2

W. The leveling of home pricespg. three or more

C. The increased way to obtain laborpg. four

IV. Second positive result: Increased armed forces valuespg. four A. A buildup of armed service forcepg. a few

B. A solution to the recent nuclear standoffpg. 5

C. Saving in defense spendingpg. 6

Sixth is v. Conclusionpg. several

Reference Listpg. 8~9

Positive Effects of Korean language Reunification

Upon December 19th 2011, The North Korean language government announced the " Dear leader”, Kim Jong-il's death following two days got passed in the day that he truly died of your suspected heart attack. Public thoughts and opinions in Southern Korea was agitated by the news and a lot South Koreans thought that there is possibilities of achieving reunification due to Kim-Jong il's death. Shortly after the news of his loss of life, stock markets plunged, the foreign exchange charge had gone up enormously, and both To the south and North Korean armed service tightened the security and remained vigilant (Harrison & Kumar, 2011). There were a lot of changes in economical and armed service circumstances, nevertheless the reality from the situation toward the two Korea's ultimate goals is still there and unchanged. In accordance to Bedacht (2012), the reunification will be an alternative which can be too awful for North Korea's high level to think about and amazing for the North Korean people, however would be a harsh period of adaptation. Therefore , the master plan for the future is ripe to get executed now and the two Koreas should make attempts to reach all their full potential by doing work jointly with the other person. Myung-bak Shelter (2008), the president of ROK (Republic of Korea) stated that Korean reunification is a long-cherished wish in the 70 , 000, 000 Korean people (pg. 7). However , there are differences of opinions inside the two governments' sentiments whether or not reunification excellent or not really, and feasible or difficult. In " Prospects From Korean Reunification, Coghlan (2008) states that from the most current poll, 67% of Southern Koreans anticipate the two Koreas should be specific. However , 56% of people expect that it will have more deficits than their gains during the process of unification. Even though it is extremely hard to obtain reunification and the public opinion inside the South can be unsympathetic, you will see more positive aspects than down sides after the Korean reunification procedure. Two positive effects are expected to occur as a result of conceivable Korean Reunification: more available land and increased armed service values

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