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Executive Summary:

Corporate governance means a framework which in turn ensures the satisfaction or perhaps trade off of each and every stakeholder group – investors, employees, community, customers, federal government, suppliers etc . The aforementioned stakeholders have different desired goals while they will engage with a corporation. Corporate Governance ensures that there is congruence of goals – the company goal is set considering the individual goal of each and every stakeholder. The goal justesse leads the organization to tradeoff among all stakeholder groups. By a good corporate and business governance construction, an organization can be administered and operated within a transparent, responsible and liable way. Hence, it helps the stakeholders to safeguard their desire for a corporation and exercise all their every proper which they deserve. But idea does not have a very long history inside the corporate associated with Bangladesh. This concept is in a pre-matured stage in our business world. So , various regulatory institutions just like SEC, DSE, Bangladesh Traditional bank and one particular private establishment BEI work to come up with suitable codes of corporate governance. In 20th Feb, 2006 the Securities and Exchange Commission payment introduced a few conditions aboard of Company directors, Chief economic officer, Head of internal Audit, Taxation committee, External/ Statutory Auditors, Reporting the compliance in the director's report as " comply or explain basis”. This exploration shall be done to find out this current compliance status of these unique codes of corporate and business governance by the listed companies.

Problem statement:

The issue of business governance continues to be largely reviewed, analyzed, propagated in many ways by simply specialists, experts, government bodies and also development associates. In the lifestyle of fragile form of efficiency of financial marketplace, the breakthrough of corporate governance structure for the financial sector of Bangladesh has been well acknowledged. Since information asymmetry, moral danger – the two of these major nevertheless common challenges of our economic sector is usually prevailing in particular, ensuring corporate governance is becoming more in light with the regarding the country. This kind of survey can provide an understanding in the corporate governance practices and board success among diverse organizations in Bangladesh, and definitely will show through which aspects of business governance are thought to be most critical by the agencies. This research is also beneficial because it will provide critical data regarding the degree to which the firms in Bangladesh presently confirm for the principles with the codes of Corporate Governance for the listed businesses.

Research aims:

The general objective of the proposed study is usually to know the compliance and practice status with the Corporate Governance codes by the listed firms of Bangladesh. To achieve this objective, the specific aims are 1 . To be familiar with the different codes of corporate governance imposed simply by various technological institutions. 2 . Understand the governance pattern in the organizations. several. Examine the primary problems faced by the organizations for the implementation of the codes of corporate governance. 4. Determine the awareness level regarding the code of corporate governance in the managing level. five. Recommend measures to overcome the problem by effected parties.

Literature Assessment:...

Bibliography: 1 ) Chowdhury, Dhiman (2004), Incentives, Control and Development-Governance in private and public sector with exceptional reference to Bangladesh, 1st edition, Nilima machines.

2 . Ahmad, J. U (2004), " Draft code of corporate governance-Bangladesh”, Quartely journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, October-December.

four. Bangladesh Business Institute (BEI-2003), A comparison analysis of corporate governance in South Asia: Planning a Roadmap for Bangladesh.

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