Problems in Physics

 Problems upon Physics Article

Chapter your five pg 143

1 . Mass 6. 00 kg moved simply by 18. 0N. What is the acceleration?

Split both sides by m

a=18N/6. 00kg convert N = 18N * 1kg*m/s^2 = 18kg*m/s^2

a=18kg*m/s^2/ 6th. 00 kilogram = 3m/s^2


six. Truck brings trailer with friction pressure of 870 N and a coefficient of scrubbing 0. twenty-three. What is the trailer's regular force.

870N=. 023(FN) break down by. 023

FN=870N/. 023

FN=37826. 7N

9. mass 13. zero kg dropped from a cliff. Get its weight

Fw=13. 0kg 2. 9. 8m/s^2

Fw=127. 4kg*m/s^2

Fw=127. 4N

13. A push of 175N needed to continue to keep a 640N engine by sliding. What is the coefficient of stationary friction?



divide by 640N


µ=. 273

12-15. find velocity of a forklift mass 1400kg pushed simply by force 2100N opposed simply by frictional pressure of 425N.

Chapter six page 163

3. Box pushed with a force a hundred and twenty-five N pertaining to 2 . 00 min. What is the behavioral instinct?




7. 15. 0g bullet dismissed. Muzzle speed 3250m/s from a gun with mass 4. 74kg and barrel or clip length seventy five. 0 cm.

A) How much time is topic in barrel? d/s=t

B) what is the force for the bullet while in the barrel?

C) Find the bullet's momentum mainly because it leaves barrel or clip.

a) t=75cm/3250m/s 100cm=1m 75cm/1* 1m/100cm=. 75m

t=. 75m/3250m/s=2. 307E-4s

time in barrel is 2 . 307E-4 seconds


F=48750g*m/s/2. 307X10-4s=48. 750kg*m/s/2. 307X10-4s

F=211313. 394kg*m/s2 By 1N/1kg*m/s2=211313. 394N

211, 313. 394N of force within the bullet as it leaves the barrel.

c) p=mv

p=15. 0g 2. 3250m/s

p=48. 75kg*m/s

9. Ball mass 575g journeying 3. 50m/s collides with another ball mass 425g at rest. Following collision, the lighter ball is traveling 5. 03 m/s. what velocity is the speed of the heavier ball after collision? m1=575gv1=3. 50m/sv'1=?

m2=425gv2=0m/sv'2=4. 03m/s

15. Railroad car mass installment payments on your 25X104kg journeying east five. 50m/s collides railroad car mass several. 00x104kg touring west 1 ) 50m/s. Get the velocity with the railroad vehicles that become coupled after...

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