Peer Pressure

 Peer Pressure Essay



" C'mon. Everyone's performing it. " So why shouldn't you?

Really almost anticipated that you will knowledge peer pressure frequently throughout your teen years. Say most likely invited to a party where you know there will be alcohol or drugs. A buddy decides to slice class. Somebody offers you a cigarette. Or perhaps friends talk about having sex with their boyfriends or perhaps girlfriends. How would you respond? Are you tempted to follow along with their good examples, or is it possible to stand solid in your own opinion system? Eventually, everyone has the need to fit into an organization. If you're enthusiastic about sports, you might hang out together with the " posers. " If you are interested in music, you spend time with others who appreciate music. You belong to that group, and feel protect when you're part of it. The group determines who you are and what most likely about. But you may be wondering what if people in " your group" start undertaking things which might be wrong, harmful, or even illegal? And what happens if these same people happen to be your friends? This is just what we make reference to as peer pressure -- the pressure to adapt to the actions, attitudes, and private habits of " the group. " In many cases, you will find serious dangers involved. Let's look at some common scenarios. Think about what you will do in each:

1 . " My friends told me about this kind of party at this abandoned stockroom on Fri night. I realize there's going to be alcohol involved, and someone there may be supposed to provide some cannabis. I may drink or do medications, but We don't want them to think I'm a loser. " 2 . " This old fart at house of worship that I really like smokes cigs. He keeps offering those to me and my friends. Last week my best friend Stacy smoked 1 with him. " a few. " My personal girlfriend retains pleading with me to go completely with her. She says " everybody is having sex" nowadays, but I have to save myself for marriage. All of my local freinds have had sex, and I love my girl. I may want her to think I'm some kind of prude. "

There might be serious dangers involved with expert pressure. However, most teenagers are not applauded for their logical thought operations. Most truly feel invulnerable, like " nothing at all bad may ever affect me. " But you have to assess the hazards -- in the beginning. Consider these queries before you're tempted to follow the crowd: •Could this kind of harm me personally physically?

•Could this damage someone else?

•Is this against the law?

•Could We go to imprisonment?

•What would be the long-term effects of my activities to my health? My own education? My family relationships?

Right now, let's reduce. You can also employ peer pressure to your advantage. Think of it as " competitive" peer pressure. For example , should you be active in sports, your teammates almost certainly pressure one to be the very best you can be. For anyone who is on the track team, you pace your self with the fastest runner, since you know it is going to make you better. If you're striving for good grades, you evaluate your ratings to those first choice to purchase. If you're inside the band, and musicians greater than you, you are pushed into aiming to be the greatest musician you could be. The Choice Is Yours

At some point, every person must standalone, even when tempted by close friends and other peers. You know what is right. You know what can be wrong. And only you can choose path to have. Ask most anyone that has " been there, done that" about peer pressure. Many people have gone together with the crowd at some time in their teenage lives, and they've had to live with the outcomes. You'll likely hear that bowing into expert pressure was not worth it. Now could be your chance to believe in yourself and also to stand alone at times, if you need to. When faced with group demands, measure the risks ahead of time. Stand good and claim " no" if that's exactly what is right. Understanding how to stand up for your self and your values, and to look forward to consequences of the actions, are crucial steps in to become responsible mature.



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