Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

 Essay about Should Political figures Have a Retirement Age?

Ought to politicians have got a retirement? - Times Of India


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Should certainly politicians possess a retirement age?

Feb twenty nine, 2004, 12. 00am IST ECHT




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Sachin Pilot Fresh Congressman: Yes. The trend just about everywhere is get them small. Why banish politicians?

Were a young land: almost 75 per cent of the billion additionally population is below 40 years. Fifty-four percent has not possibly crossed age 25. Ironical, isn't after that it, that most of the top political figures are within their 70s; many are even 80 plus. Ads by Yahoo

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It's the tradition in every culture to give youthful people — who have the zest, desire and determination — a chance to prove themselves, be it in sports, entertainment, business or media. How come exclude politics? RELATED CONTENT

Should political figures have a retirement age? Feb 29, 2004 VIEWIt's a Young World Outside July 28, 2003 Senior citizens look for a second innings Oct 1, 3 years ago

There comes a time if the baton has to be passed, every time a certain politics space should be vacated, in order that India's present can form its future. My spouse and i don't trust in a specific retirement age for our politicians. The decision could be a voluntary one. The guidelines with regards to retirement could be set down by every political party. Politicians will have to retire not only because they are literally unable to handle the rigours of this challenging career, yet because that they feel that they may have done their very own bit to get the country. What are the reasons for people being disappointed with our political figures? Corruption, criminalisation and the understanding that the common Indian politician is a off white, unresponsive, amazing entity — an entity that will not released off where it stands of electrical power. Let's be honest — an energetic, active, inspirational 75-year-old politician is far more the exclusion than the regulation. With no disrespect to those with contributed hugely to the polity of this country, I feel really time personal parties allowed a young lot to handle electoral fights. That will permit them to understand the needs and aspirations of their electorate. You need to be able to affiliate themselves using their representatives, and vice versa: political figures must also have the ability to relate to the increasingly youthful Indian. Which mean our older political figures have no role to play. In fact , they can perform a constructive role by simply drawing upon their great experience and knowledge-base to steer and advise on a variety of problems. It is the political leadership of any country which decides which direction it will take. In order to harness the tremendous potential of fresh Indians inside the political industry, we have to help to make way for all of them. In order to instil a sense of confidence and belonging, we have to make the younger technology


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27-10-2011 22: 18

Should political figures have a retirement age? -- Times Of India

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