Organizational Leadership

 Essay on Organizational Leadership

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Course Subject: MM 502 (Organizational managing & Theories) Name of Student: FRANCISCO A. MONTESENAВ

Professorial Lecturer: MS. NERY VIBAS DBA (CAR)

Command in Organizations


Leadership and management will be two notions used to explain two related concepts. Managers do things right, leaders do the right issue.

A more fruitful approach to think about management concerns the distinction among occupying a leadership situation and being effective in this position. Command ought to be examined in terms of the performance from the crew over time

That relates right to the ability to build and maintain a group that performs well when compared to its competition. With this presentation, these types of differences happen to be discussed, explaining why both terms are usually similar.


A. Gender and Leadership

The Debate: Perform men and women will vary leadership models?

" If you want something said, ask a guy. If you want some thing done, ask a woman. " - Maggie Thatcher

Ladies do will vary leadership variations from males.

Since Bodyshop founder Anita Roddick says: ‘I run my own company according to girly principles – principles of caring, producing intuitive decisions, not getting hung up on hierarchy, having a impression of work as being part of your daily life, not separate from it; putting the labour where your love is, becoming responsible for the world in how you work with your profits; recognising the results should stay at the bottom'.

The challenge with basically mapping these types of differences would be that the successful man managerial stereotype is so firmly embedded in organizational lifestyle that girl managers will be pressured to conform to it, thereby confusing research outcomes.

Successful managers were extremely identified solely with male traits. A large number of similar studies have been carried out since that time and have demonstrated which the successful managerial stereotype remains male.

No one, female or male, ever identifies the effective manager while feminine. Guy, and only into a slightly smaller extent, girl, managers continue to describe powerful managers as possessing manly traits, such as self-confidence, competition, decisiveness, aggressiveness and independence.

Positive differences

Many managers, both men and female, concur that sex differences in supervision style do exist. Interestingly both describe women's differences in positive terms. Yet when researchers ask managers to describe their particular management variations they usually find no significant dissimilarities between genders. Does this imply no big difference exists? No .

We have a myth regarding gender and leadership capacities. This contains that women happen to be better group players than men; even more open and mature in the manner they deal with sensitive problems; and more aware of their impact on others and so better persons managers than men.

Nevertheless the myth is usually false. A worldwide survey simply by Cranfield comparing top guy and female managers in the personal and public sector evidently showed that girls are no better or more serious than guys in the practice of management and leadership. It all depend upon which man or woman in question, and the organisation for which they work.

M. THE MANAGER/ LEADER LIKE A PERSON: Personality Traits, Values, Perceptions, Moods and Emotional Cleverness

Ralph Stogdill, one of the most recognized leadership experts concluded that there are no consistent patterns of traits that characterize frontrunners in all situations. On the other hand he do reach several general findings in the subsequent areas:

BRAINS - Commanders are to some degree more intelligent, perform better at educational tasks and possess superior thinking and decision-making abilities than followers.

PHYSICAL TRAITS – Results were extremely contradictory in relating elevation, weight, age group, strength, and...


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