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Asia Brewery

is usually a breweryfounded more than 20 years ago in Makati City, thePhilippines. [1]

It is 1 of only two breweries inside the Philippines,


and is the smaller of the two, with only 10%market reveal. It is held byLucio Tan, listed byForbes Magazineas the 2nd richestFilipino inside the Philippines, with assets worth $1. your five billion. [3]

It creates malt drinks like beer�, shandy, iced tea, bottled water and carbonated softdrinks. Its sibling company Tanduay Distillers, Inc. produces hard liquor. This somewhatmimics the structure of its bigger rivalSan Miguel Corporation, only that ABI provides nofood and agribusiness divisions. It offers 8-10 beers in thePhilippineswith its flagship brand Beer na Beer launched in1988 as Beer Light Pilsen.

It changed its name to

Beer na Beverage

after lawsuits fromSanMiguel Breweryover using the term

pale pilsen

. In 2001, Beer na Beer was reformulatedand now has 6. 0% alcohol volume level. ABI's eight other drinks are sold on a somewhat limited scale, but itsColt 45brand, launched in 1995, may be the biggest included in this. This malt liquor's biggest competitor can be RedHorse Extra Strong by San Miguel. ABI's additional licensed brands areCarlsberg(the brewery's first beer in 1987),  Lone Star (launched in 2000), Single Star Light (2002), ColtIce (2003), Lone Star EXTRA (the country's first low-carb beer, launched in 2004, Stag(either cancelled or really just hard to find in the country), and Coors (2008). The business also offers Overall distilled water, the second biggest-selling bottled water manufacturer in the market behind SMC's Wilkins, and Summit mineral water. Theyare both introduced in 1992. In 95, Q Shandy was launched to compete with SMC's Cali. In 1999, Pacific Sun iced teawas launched. Last year,  Asia Brewery introduced Feelgood, the initially juice beverage in thePhilippines to contain prebiotics. Asia Brewery joined the low-priced carbonated fizzy drinks market simply by acquiring a licenseto produceVirgin ColafromVirgin Drinks. They are dependable...

References: International brands[edit]

The corporation currently brews Colt 45,  Coors Original and Coors Light under license and distributes Asahi Extremely Dry.[3][4] In the past, it was a licensee brewer ofCarlsberg (1987),  Budweiser (1997) and Lone Star (1999) sodas.

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