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 Obesity Dissertation




August twenty-five, 2014

Ann Impens

Unhealthy weight

Obesity can be described as major problem around the world and this affects everybody. Children are susceptible to carrying excess fat due to their parents. There have been several studies done to see if children is vulnerable to being overweight for their parent. Info has been collected and assessed and this shows that children are obese due to their parents. Meaning of the Problem

The analysis was conducted to resolve childhood obesity in children whose mothers will be overweight. The danger is greater when a child's parents are obese and component to certain surroundings. The problem is important for health care administrators to study for the reason that problem is a global issue and continues to maximize over the years. Study Purpose

The purpose of the study was going to research the chance of obese women and the risk with their children pertaining to childhood weight problems. The study supplies information on diverse women and their loved ones who have children in their homes from the ages of 2 through 18. The husbands or perhaps fathers of the children's info were as part of the study, which in turn made the fathers the part of this study to help provide an overall study of the family. Research Question

The key question from the research is not clearly stated, but it is definitely understood through the research as well as the information presented within the browsing. In this research there are a couple of questions regarding the research. May obesity in children become changed through activity, diet information and changed actions are the question the research asks. Another question presented in the studying is the father and mother aware of the affect that their obesity has on youngsters.


The hypotheses of the analyze are: In the event the family transformed their behaviours, the weight problems rate in children and the families will be lower and Mothers who also are overweight are prone to have children which are heavy. The research and facts presented through this kind of study would have to support the hypotheses. The numbers regarding the percentage of overweight children and their households are demonstrated in the research. The direction from the nursing staff and the center that performed the study is usually provided inside the study. The analysis

The assumptive framework accustomed to guide this kind of study is definitely the use of a family group based perspective. The assumptive perspective that was used to perform this research was Golan and Weizman. There were an overall total of 98 subjects who also participated through this study and so they learned about the study by a hazard that was placed on a counter inside the facility that they were visiting. This was a cross sectional study as well as the participants had been recruited by using a southern California fat loss clinic from January of 2011 through July 2012. The information for the fathers was gathered from your mothers active in the study. The Family Diet Physical Activity instrument, which contains 20 questions, was used to collect information from the study topics. The study themes also accomplished 10 concerns regarding how long they had been participating in weight loss program at the clinic. Once the topics completed the 10 queries about their demographics and the twenty questions in the FNPA application, the information gathered was put and confirmed.


The study was focused on obesity within family members and how this affects the child years obesity. Unhealthy weight is a problem that needs to be dealt with because it is causing health issues in children that cause them to not really be while active as it should be. This problem needs to be tackled during sessions to the family physician and families have to be taught how to provide the tools and diet that their loved ones need to be a health weight. The unhealthy weight rate is going to continue to grow in lower income families because the resource that they will need are not available to them due to in which they live or they can be unable to pay the foods essential to cook health meals for their families....

Sources: James, K. S., Matsangas, P., & Connelly, C. D. (2013, В December). The child years Obesity Risk in Obese Mothers: Support for Testing. ICAN: Infant, Child & Adolescent Nutrition, 5(6), 375-382.

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