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-The upliftment of

The lord's special children.


" Guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara guru sakshat param brahma tasmai shri gurave namah”


Our perspective is to provide quality education, cultivate self-confidence and to make the special children self-reliant and help them to stand on their own lower limbs. Mission:

To distinguish the psychologically challenged kids, and inform and educate them, for making them independent individuals. To impart particular training in professional skills.

To provide psychological and social support to the parents through regular therapies. To develop open public awareness through street takes on, seminars and workshops.

Case Study:

" Each one of us is actually a special beast, endowed with miraculous capacities and astounding abilities. " Master Ramu (age 22), affected by Straight down syndrome, and was left behind by his family and the society at the age of 18 years. We implemented him in 2005, and provided him with take pleasure in, care, support and methodized education for the period of three years. Presently Ramu is the happy owner of ‘RAMUZ' Handicrafts and he is employing 7 mentally questioned people.

Let us know:

Ms. Dharani,

Taking care of Trustee,


2nd Key Road,

Kaloor, Kadavantra,

Kochi - 682017

Kerala, India

Ph: 0484-2485153

E-Mail: [email protected] com�  �

Where you can find us:

Kochi –Head Quarters


Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Ottappalam, Palakkad

Our Achievements:

Proud person receiving:

India NGO Award, 2009

‘BEST NGO' by the Ministry of Travel and leisure & Traditions, Govt. of India....

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