Mummy's Curse

 Mummy’s Bane Essay

Running head: JOB 1: ARTICLE " MUMMY'S CURSE"

Assignment 1: Composition " Mummy's Curse"

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Assignment one particular: Essay " Mummy's Curse"

As a small girl living in Pennsylvania, I could remember 1st hearing about the famous Pharaoh Ruler Tutankhamen. It was during the time when an exhibit, referred to as Treasures of Tutankhamen, visited the United States. Along with all the reports about the pretty treasures through the tomb, were also the reports of Full Tut's problem, which visited like wildfire among my young friends and I. Evening sleepovers were a fun, although often scary time when we turned the lights out and told scary testimonies about spirits and mummies. It was likewise about that time that Steve Martin wrote and performed the famous song about California king Tut. Everybody I knew was doing the Egyptian move and Egyptian jewelry was all the rage.

As attention-grabbing as this story was, people rapidly began debating whether the mummy curses had been fact or fiction. Selected scientists and archeologists believed it was true due to the supposed writings for the entrance to his tomb which mentioned, " Loss of life Shall Can occur Swift Wings to Him Who Interferes with the Tranquility of the Full. ”(The Museum of Not naturally made History, and. d., ¶ 1). After the opening from the tomb in the early 1920's, rumors spread that pets and people connected with the tomb opening had been dying of unusual conditions. First said to die was Howard Clark's pet canary, which was supposedly bitten by a cobra, which usually represents Egypt and the Pharaohs. Lord Carnarvon, the financial backer to get Howard Clark's excavation of King Tut's tomb took ill a while after the starting and perished. The lamps in Cairo were reported to have eliminated out fantastic beloved dog was thought to have decreased dead as well of Lord Carnarvon's decline. Others associated with the tombs' opening had been stated to acquire fallen unwell and even a single suicide was reported. The rumors extended to...

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