Mock synthesis composition AP Lang

 Mock synthesis essay AP Lang



Total time--2 several hours

Question you

(Suggested time--40 minutes. This kind of question counts for one-third of the total essay section score. )

Social networking has become the staple in the internet and the most common method for connecting to other people throughout the modern universe. Social networking for many is horrifying, full of risks and unknowns, whereas individuals, social networking has brought people in healthy interactions with other internet surfers.

See the following 5 sources thoroughly, including the preliminary information for every source. Then simply, in a well-organized essay that synthesizes by least three of the options for support, take a location that defends, challenges, or perhaps qualifies if social media has received a positive or negative impact on social interactions.

Make sure that your argument is definitely central; make use of the sources to illustrate and support your reasoning. Avoid merely outlining the sources. Indicate evidently which sources you happen to be drawing via, whether through direct estimate, paraphrase, or summary. You may cite the sources since Source A, Source M, etc ., or perhaps by using the information in parentheses.

Supply A (Pacific Uni. )

Source B (Read)

Resource C (White)

Source M (Jaffe)

Source At the (Atkinson)

Source N (picture)

Resource A

" Online Social Networking Dangers and Benefits”, pacific cycles. edu, School of the Pacific, 20 September 2013. World wide web. 2 January. 2014.

The following is excerpted from a web article talking about safety measure on the net.

Social Networking Site Dangers

Because learners often post detailed and specific information on Facebook (including phone numbers, tackles, class plans, social strategies, etc . ) you can be more easily stalked simply by strangers (or even acquaintances).

Identification theft may also be a significant likelihood of social networking. Personal details the full name, brands of your loved ones, your phone number, birthday, address, and place of employment may all be employed by identity thieves. " Passport-style" profile images also generate it less difficult for id thieves to replicate your web presence.

Impact on Education and Work

Actions in the digital world can have far-reaching consequences in real life. Inappropriate posts in social media can have extreme repercussions over a student's academic career, and students may lose jobs, internships and even interviews due to information potential employers are discovering out regarding students prove social networking accounts. Compromising and inappropriate pictures, statements or perhaps other information in student social media accounts can easily hurt students' chances to gain (or be considered for) employment. Employers take the pictures that learners are laying out on online communities very critically as a representation of personal persona.

Benefits associated with Social Networking Sites

A social networking internet site can be a good way to make contacts with people with similar pursuits and goals. They can be a way to connect with or " meet" people that a student may not experienced the opportunity to before-including other students, staff, faculty and even alumni. Just as social networking provides one more avenue to make friends, playing also makes it conceivable to renew older ones. Thus, meeting people and staying connected with classmates and friends can be described as major benefit for social networking sites. Online communities also offer event listings, group profiles and fan web pages that can talk the heart beat of a campus culture. They can be a great way to understand and stay connected to your campus community as a whole.

Source W

Social Networking Site Use, by Age Group. Creating Results document photo. Read, Erin. " US Online social network Users by simply Age Group-New Statistics Coming from Pew. ” 19 Feb. 2013. Web. 2 Jan 2014.

Here i will discuss a graph displaying growth of social networking by age group.

Source C

" So why...

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