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Introduction to MATLAB

Anthony J. O'Connor School of Science, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB began as an interactive program for doing matrix computations and has now grown into a high level numerical language that may solve integrals and differential equations numerically and storyline a wide variety of two and 3d graphs. In this subject you can mostly utilize it interactively and in addition create MATLAB scripts that carry out a chapter of commands. MATLAB also contains a programming vocabulary that is alternatively like Pascal. The 1st version of Matlab was produced in the mid 1971s as a educating tool. The vastly widened Matlab has become used for numerical calculations and simulation in companies and government labs ranging from aeronautical, car style, signal examination through to instrument control & financial analysis. Other similar programs are Mathematica and Maple. Mathematica is to some extent better in symbolic calculations but can be slower at large numerical calculations. Recent types of Matlab also include much of the Maple representational calculation program.

In this laboratory you will cover the following basic things:

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using Matlab as a numerical calculator entering line vectors and column vectors entering matrices forming matrix and vector products performing matrix items, sums and many others using Matlab to solve thready equations Matlab functions that operate on arrays Plotting simple graphs applying Matlab.

Matlab introduction




How to get started

If the computer is go through the pursuing steps in different menus • • Look for the Network Applications folder and twice click on that Within this you will see a little icon for Matlab61 – dual click on that

Within regarding 30 seconds Matlab will open (you may get a little message box regarding ICA applications – just click OK upon this) You should now visit a screen such as the picture under

This is the Matlab screen – it damaged into a few parts On the right you have the Command Window – this is where you type orders and usually the answers (or error messages) appear in this article too In the top left you have the Work area window – if you determine new volumes (called variables) there brands should be right here. On the bottom remaining you have Order History windows – this is where past orders are remembered. If you want to re-run a previous command or to edit this you can move it out of this window towards the command window to re-run it.

Matlab introduction



2 . 1

The Matlab quick is > >.

Look at the Command Windows and you will begin to see the cursor flickerring after the > > immediate. This means that Matlab is looking forward to further guidelines.

2 . a couple of

Seeing the Matlab demo.

Just type the order > > demo (and then press Enter or Return key)

and work the simple slideshow under the Matrix manipulation choice. This quickly shows you some of the things that Matlab may do - don't get worried if you do not know very well what everything means here.

Matlab introduction



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Basic arithmetic with Matlab

The fundamental arithmetic employees are &, -, 5. (for multiplication), / (for divide) & ^ intended for powers. Exactly where necessary conference should be used to make the buy in which things are evaluated totally clear. Enter the following commands to learn the essential way that formulas could be evaluated in Matlab (press enter after you have typed in the command. Record the answer beside the command.

> >

three or more + a few -7


The result of this calculations is trapped in the short-term variable known as ans. It is changed when you do another calculation. If you want just to save the answer coming from a calculations you can give it a identity e. g. > > t=3+5-7..........................................................................

This kind of line creates a variable to to save the answer in. If you need to find out what t can be use

> >

capital t...

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