Owning a Hotel T Image In TripAdvisor

 Managing A Resort S Graphic On TripAdvisor Essay

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Managing a Hotel's Image upon TripAdvisor

Philip O'Connor



Office of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Essec Business Institution, Cergy-Pontoise, England

Published on the net: 13 Sep 2010.

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Owning a Hotel's Photo on TripAdvisor


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Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences,

Essec Business School, Cergy-Pontoise, Portugal

User-generated articles is speedily gaining traction force as a great input into the consumer purchase decision making process. After

reviewing the ramifications of the expanding Web 2. zero phenomenon pertaining to travel businesses, this article focuses on TripAdvisor (, the largest on the web network of travel consumers. Using a sample of 95 hotels arbitrarily selected from your London market, it demonstrates that TripAdvisor exhibits detailed abundant data you can use in travel around planning. Content analysis was used to identify prevalent causes of satisfaction and discontentment among reviewers. It was likewise discovered that few hotels are actively controlling their status on the TripAdvisor site. Despite a service to respond to criticism, couple of hotels applied this option, dialling into query how seriously hotels will be managing user-created content. Studies also advised that the perception that user-generated content sites have been compromised by bogus reviews can be unfounded, with little evidence being discovered of testimonials with attributes that typify false posts.

KEYWORDS Travel and leisure, user-generated content material, electronic word-ofmouth


Just as the growth in the use of the net in the mid-1990s had important implications for commerce, the online revolution at present in progress (dubbed Web 2. 0) potentially would have similar results. The Internet is evolving...

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