Employing Approach in a Competitive Environment

 Essay regarding Employing Approach in a Competitive Environment

Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment

Heidi L. Echols

Dr . David H. Carter

BUS 599

October up to 29, 2012

Issue # 1- Create a great environmental search for the company indicating the most significant environmental threats and discuss how the company should respond to each risk to ensure that the impact to the organization is minimal.

Companies and industries are constantly impacted by their area. For example , " all businesses operate within a macro environment shaped by influences [including threats] emanating from standard economic circumstances; population demographics; societal beliefs and lifestyles; legislation and regulations; technology; and closer to home the industry and competitive environment in which the company operates (Thompson, Strickland, & Gamble, 2010, p. 56). Companies come with an inner and outer band in their macro environment. Occurrences in the exterior or interior ring with their macro environment may occur rapidly or perhaps slowly, perhaps even without advanced knowledge or warning. Nevertheless , the major forces and factors that can have the largest influence on shaping the strategy of any company can normally apply to the provider's " instant industry and competitive environment--the actions of rival organizations, buyer behavior, supplier related considerations, so on" (Thompson, et al., 2010, l. 57).

All of the major influences and threats will probably be discussed under. This debate will include how Sky Restorations Inc. (SRI) will react to each danger to ensure that the effect on the organization is stored at nominal. Economic Circumstances

Today's economic conditions are a great advantage for SRI. Because of the current foreclosure industry, there is more property that is available to enable SRI to modernize, rent, and resale real estate. There are so many distinct stages and types of foreclosures, such as pre- house foreclosures, the sale, and the real estate property owned (REO) properties, SRI will have easy to find its market niche (Caplin, 2004).

Population Demographics

The current human population demographics demonstrate that there are many" baby boomers" that are along the way of going. Some of these " baby boomers" have been life-long tenants. Some of these people will be first time home buyers and several will be along the way of purchasing one more home, where a prior home may have been loss during the past financial turnover. " Demographics are certainly not quite success but carry out exert a powerful influence in future housing demand" (Belsky, 2009, l. 99). SRI will make sure that population demographics will be properly considered in every operations and expansions in the company. Social Values and Lifestyles

Societal values and lifestyles is going to determine the actual existence and expansion of SRI. The determination showing how clients and customers want to live will determine earnings of the organization. SRI need to make sure that their core principles, mission transactions, and eyesight statements match with the society's values and lifestyles just for this specific period. A strategic vision will point SRI in the desired course, plan SRI's strategic path, and form its company identity (Thompson, et al., 2010).

Legislation and Rules

SRI must be very very sensitive to the laws and regulations that will be around the foreclosures and real estate markets. These legal guidelines will determine SRI's competitive advantage above other companies getting into the market. Seeing that much of SRI's business will depend on its capacity to buy property at a discount then sell or rent this property at a discount or perhaps affordable price, SRI much stay on top of to and legislative and regulative within regard towards the real estate and renovations market.


Technology is changing at this sort of a rapid rate. SRI ought to maintain the correct, proper, updated computer products, and websites to make sure that SRI's presence and availability is available to any consumer or prospective clients. These scientific up-dates must be done on...

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