My Life in a Bag

 My Life in a Bag Article

HIS 201

Distance Learning Orientation

As you total each item on this orientation checklist, click on the appropriate container to symbolize that you could complete each task. Login BlackBoard and bookmark (add to favorites) the following connect to the sign in page:

Save this file to your computer system as you will likely need to submit the completed list to me as your first graded assignment.

Find the Course Articles link

Print out a copy from the Syllabus. In order to do this, you need to save a copy of the record to your pc, open it, and choose the print option.

Read the Program Suggestions web page

Click the Training course Calendar link

Click the links to every section in every single unit below Unit Materials. Note any problems.

The actual link to Scholar resources. Select Companion Internet site to make certain you are able to navigate to the methods the book offers.

Review the Instructor Information about the pleasant page and note workplace hours and contact information pertaining to meeting with me as necessary.

Pick the Evaluation Tools link.

First click on the Quiz hyperlink. This is where you can expect to take your chapter quizzes.

Next, follow the My Marks link. This is how you can keep a operating tally of your scores on each assignment.

The subsequent link, Assignments, displays a timeshare essay assignments (as very well as this graded orientation). When you have finished this alignment, you will send it through the Assignments Dropbox for grading.

Select the Marketing communications link and see where to send out email to instructor and classmates with this course. This option also has a link to our community forum. Regular interaction is key for the success associated with an online program. I highly recommend that you make a real effort to apply these essential tools. Mail the instructor an email that you have accomplished the distance learning orientation, include read and understand every policies/procedures, and will abide by these people.

Look at the course syllabus,...

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