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 Project Rental Essay

PROJECT CHARTERHMIS Development Project Author: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION MIS Group 2 Creation Date: 13/03/13 Last Revised: 13/03/13 Version: 1 . 0|

5. Table of Contents


3Project Rental Purpose2


4. 1Content of the Project3

5Purpose / Business Need3

6Scope and Acceptance4

six. 1Goals and Objectives4

six. 2Project Deliverables5

6. 3Project Estimated Expense by Milestone5

7Project Conditions and Controls6

7. 1Project Assumptions6

7. 2Project Constraints7

7. 3Project Interdependencies7

7. 4Organizational Impacts7

7. 5Project Scope Change7

7. 6Project Risks8

six. 7Project Source Planning10

7. 8Project Conversation Planning10


Project: Development of Online Hostel Management Details Systems (HMIS)

Project Commence Date: fifteenth February, 2013.

Projected Finish Day: 3rd May well, 2013

Task Manager: Baffour Agyepong Sebbeh, CIO, UGBS

Project Sponsor: Benjamin Nkrumah, Dean of Students, University or college of Ghana Business School. Project Hire Purpose

The project hire defines the scope, targets, deliverables and overall procedure of the operate to be completed. The scope of this record covers the critical aspect for starting, planning, doing, controlling and monitoring the project. This document will certainly serve as a between the following parties: Project Sponsor, Job Manager, Job Team, and also other personnel linked to and/or impacted by the task, stating at the very least:

• Why are we doing this and precisely what is the overall aim.

• What are the assumptions and constraints moving in.

• When do we need to always be finished.

• What deliverables has to be made to get there.

• What everything is not to be performed.

• When do the deliverables need to be completed and in what purchase. • Who is going to actually do the tasks and where.

• What resources and money (budget) is needed.

• What risks are there likely to be along the way.

• How to maintain things in target and monitor improvement.


This system is designed in favour of the hostel management which helps these to save the records of the students of their rooms and also other important information. This assist managers from the manual work that it is very difficult to get the record of the learners and the mess bills in the students, as well as the information of about the people who had kept the hostel years ago.

We design and style this system within the request associated with an online hostel management system made to track, coordinate, store and report in students lodging data. This product will also automatically calculate all the bills and issued the notifications for the people students who go against the rules and restrictions within the hostel agreement.

Articles of the Job

* Project statement

For the past few years the number of student that gets entrance into University of Ghana has increased tremendously resulting in elevating number of hostels both on and off campus. There is a wide range of strain for the office of Dean of Students affairs in controlling the students and bring together every hostels allotments to all of them. This task helps the administrators to effectively control room, students' records, and also other information when dealing with the problems associated with owning a hostel manually such as human errors, info redundancies, and inconsistency in information. 2. Descriptions

This software product can assist the hostel management to enhance their services to all the students of the hostel. This likewise reduces the manual work of the people in operations panel as well as the bundle of registers which should be searched to obtain the information of a previous student. Through this technique managers may store the info of those students who had leaved the hostel years ago.

Through this you should check the personal account of all the current...

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