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A Wise Young Muslim Youngster

Years ago, might be the Tâbi'în (the era of Muslims after the Sahâbah), Baghdâd was obviously a great city of Islam. In fact , it was the administrative centre of the Islamic Empire and, because of the large number of scholars who lived presently there, it was the center of Islamic knowledge.

One day, the leader of Rome at the time sent an charge to Baghdad with three challenges intended for the Muslims. When the messenger reached the town, he educated the khalîfah that he had three questions which this individual challenged the Muslims to reply to.

The khalîfah gathered collectively all the students of the metropolis and the Both roman messenger climbed upon an increased platform and said, " I have have three concerns. If you answer them, then I will leave with you plenty of wealth that we have helped bring from the california king of The italian capital. " Concerning the queries, they were: " What was generally there before Allâh? " " In which course does Allâh face? " " What is Allâh engaged in at this moment? "

The great set up of people had been silent. (Can you think of answers to these questions? ) In the midst of these kinds of brilliant college students and students of Islam was obviously a man seeking on together with his young boy. " Um my special father! Let me answer him and peace and quiet him! " said the youth. Therefore the boy sought the agreement of the khalîfah to give the answers and he was given the permission to accomplish this.

The Both roman addressed the young Muslim and repeated his initial question, " What was generally there before Allâh? "

The boy asked, " Have you any idea how to count number? "

" Yes, " said the man.

" In that case count down from ten! " So the Roman counted down, " ten, seven, eight,... " until this individual reached " one" and he halted counting

" But what comes before 'one'? " asked the youngster.

" There may be nothing before one- that is it! " said the man.

" Well then, if presently there obviously is nothing prior to the arithmetic 'one', then how would you expect that there should be anything before the 'One' who is Total Truth, All-Eternal, Everlasting the First, the past, the...

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