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Come july 1st I had to pass an internship. And the summer season was very interesting and rather hard. For what reason hard? After studying in Suleyman Demirel University and learning a lot of themes about my own future occupation I attempted to realize and apply my own skills on the job and it was very difficult to manage with am employed at ones and first time therefore seriously. Likewise I had precious experience, remarkable feelings…that was very interesting. The name of the company wherever I proved helpful called " Dudar” limited. The discipline in which the company operates is sales. A customer is the pinnacle activity involved with selling products or services in substitution for money or other reimbursement. It is an work of completing a commercial activity. The " deal is usually closed", means the customer features consented for the proposed product or service by making total or part payment (as in case of installments) to the vendor. A sale is completed by the retailer, the owner of the products. It depends on consent (or agreement) for an acquisition or perhaps appropriation or request followed by the completing of title (property or perhaps ownership) in the item plus the application and due arrangement of a cost, the obligation that arises because of the seller's requirement to pass possession, being a price the seller can be happy to spend ownership of or any assert upon the item. The buyer, though a party to the sale does not do the sale, only the seller will that. To be precise the sale completes before the payment and gives rise for the obligation of payment. In the event the seller finishes the first two previously mentioned stages (consent and passing ownership) from the sale prior to settlement from the price the sale is still valid and gives surge to an requirement to pay. It can be performed by a lot of techniques: 2. Direct sales, concerning person to person contact

** Buying Facilitation Approach

* Pro forma revenue

* Agency-based

** Sales agents (real real estate, manufacturing)

** Sales outsourced workers through direct branded portrayal ** Transaction sales

** Consultative revenue

** Intricate sales

** Consignment

** Telemarketing or telesales

** Retail or perhaps consumer

5. Door-to-door or traveling salesperson

* Request proposal – An invites for suppliers, through a bidding process process, to publish a proposal on a certain product or service. An RFP is often part of a fancy sales procedure, also known as business sales. 5. Business -- to-business – Business – to - business sales are much more relationship based owing to the possible lack of emotional connection to the items in question. Industrial/Professional Sales is definitely selling from one business to a new * Electronic digital

** Web – Business-to-business and business-to-consumer

** Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – A couple of standard for structuring information to be digitally exchanged among and within just businesses 2. Indirect, human-mediated but with roundabout contact

** Mail-order

2. Sales Methods:

** Providing technique

** SPIN Offering

** Consultative selling

** Solution advertising

** Ideal Selling

** Sales Negotiation

** Change Selling

** Paint-the-Picture

Some individuals confuse product sales with marketing, but difference is very big, but they have similar goal. Advertising improves the selling environment and takes on a very important function in sales. If the promoting department generates a potential customers list, it might be beneficial for sales. The marketing department's objective is raise the number of interactions between potential customers and the sales force using promotional techniques just like advertising, sales promotion, advertising, and pr, creating fresh sales programs, or creating new products (Product Development), many other things. In most large corporations, the marketing section is organized in a comparable fashion for the sales department and the managers of these groups must coordinate efforts to be able to drive revenue and business success. For instance , an " inbound" centered campaign attempts to drive more customers...

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