Social Networks: Improve Writing intended for English Language Learners

 Essay regarding Social Networks: Boost Writing intended for English Language Learners

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Social Networks: Boost Writing pertaining to English Language Learners Submitted By

Joana Jane Deb. Santos

Year and Section: BSEDE-3-1

Published to

Cez Eugenio

Dialect of Education Area


SY 2012-2013


Social Networking has been the newest fads in the internet today. That many of the students spend most of their time in browsing like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare and etc. Socialization makes other people communicate with other folks especially posting comments, and opinions in front of large audiences. The research on this paper aims to give the importance of websites towards the students today and how it helps to enhance publishing skills particularly in the English language learners. Target

" To produce tools which usually harness some of the time and energy students spend on facebook or myspace and immediate it toward the learning desired goals. ” " Meeting the changing anticipations and needs from the learners. ”


TheВ InternetВ (also known merely as " the Net" or less precisely as " the Web" ) is a more interactive method of mass media, and can be briefly described as " a network of networks". Specifically, it is the worldwide, widely accessible network of interconnectedВ computer networksВ that transmitВ dataВ byВ packet switchingВ using the standardВ Internet ProtocolВ (IP). It contains millions of small domestic, academics, business, and governmental sites, which with each other carry variousВ informationВ and

companies, such asВ email, В online conversation, В file copy, and the interlinkedВ web pagesВ and other documents of theВ World Wide Web.

Toward the end of the 20th hundred years, the creation of the World Wide Web proclaimed the initially era through which most individuals could have a means of exposure over a scale similar to that of advertising. Anyone with aВ web siteВ has the potential to address a global audience, though serving to high levels ofВ web trafficВ is still relatively costly. It is possible that the rise ofВ peer-to-peerВ technologies may include begun the...


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