FORM one particular: Assignment quick – BTEC (NQF)

Assignment subject

Individual Rights in Health and Social Treatment


Tracey Simpson

Day issued


Hand in deadline

Length (approx)

6th hours

Diploma covered

BTEC First Degree in Health insurance and Social Proper care

Units protected

Unit 8: Individual Rights in Into the Social Proper care

Learning is designed covered

Learning Aim A: Investigate the rights of individuals using into the social attention services Learning Aim B: Examine the responsibilities of business employers and workers in protecting service users' rights in health and interpersonal care


You are about to take work experience in a training center for young adults with learning disabilities. A few of the young adults likewise have mental ill health and require medication.

Activity 1

Most of us have legal rights

As part of your preparing for job history, you have decided to produce an information packs on the privileges of the youngsters who go to the centre. Your information load up should have:

a summary of the rights from the individuals who utilize centre evidence of how the rights of individuals can be upheld within the middle; you should label three cases here an assessment in the benefits and potential difficulties of protecting the privileges of individuals within the centre, mentioning your chosen illustrations a description of how the Human Legal rights Act as well as the Mental Wellness Act 1983 may be used to uphold the privileges of youngsters who attend the center, referring to three examples. Facts you must generate for this job

Information load up

Criteria have this task:

To offer the criteria you must show that you are able to:


Criterion research

Summarise the rights of service users in health and social care. 8

2A. P1

Explain how current and relevant legislation protects the rights of service users, using examples. 8

2A. P2

Explain ways in which service users' individual rights could be upheld in health and social...

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