Idiomatic Mistakes Among The english language Learners

 Idiomatic Mistakes Among English language Learners Dissertation

Rustaq School of Applied Science

Department of The english language Language & Literature (Dell)

Error Acknowledgement & A static correction

Course Code: ENSP 3228

An task on as well as Idiomatic movement errors between Arab students of The english language

Submitted in Partial Happiness for the advantages of the Mistake

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Prepared by/ Sara Salim Alhadhrami

Submitted to as well as Mr. Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali

2012-2013 (Fall Semester)

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This paper sheds light on the Idiomatic errors of Arab students. First, idioms are one of the most important aspects in The english language. They are the most typical and traditionally used in many conditions, such as, daily conversation, conference and crafted context. The definition of this feature according to Kharma, Alhajjaj (1997), " An redensart is a fixed phrase, such as keep something underneath one's head wear, whose meaning can't be predicated from a knowledge of the that means of the individual words". So , an idiom can be described as group of words and phrases, in which provides a different meaning from the which means of the words taken singularly or it may be a word, which in turn its meaning is different in the dictionary that means. This can generate idioms hard for ESL students and learners to understand. Arab scholars of British may have got comprehension problems or misuse of idioms that will lead them to misunderstanding of native audio speakers. English idioms are more difficult to understand specifically for non-native loudspeakers as Persia learners. Consequently , it should be corrected immediately in the lecture in order to avoid feeling embarrassed when using them in daily scenarios or crafted context.

Sources of difficulty

Arabic learners may face challenges because of a large number of factors like the nature of idiom on its own, it has special grammatical and semantic features. Thus, they may create unique difficulties to foreign scholars in general and Arabic scholars in particular. Students are unable to understand the meaning from its individual phrases, also, the nonliteral which means of idioms or the strange word collection of some idioms while Larson (1984: 20), emphasis that'' The real danger also comes in translating a great idiom literally, since the effect will usually always be nonsense inside the receptor language''. Therefore , it really must be learned and used as a single device of dialect with that specific which means and make use of. English language has its own idiomatic phrases which are sometimes comparable to Arabic dialect that related to its tradition and is convinced.

In addition , Idioms sometimes reported fixed expression because on many occasions the users should never make linguistic changes including adding or deleting terms, replacing anything with one other, or changing the order of words and phrases, therefore , idioms are unchangeable. The sentence structure and the terminology, however , associated with an idiom will often have a small variation. Sometimes, slant lines and conference used in dictionaries to indicate substitute words and words that can be left out correspondingly.

Another factor is that a lot of idiomatic expressions are commonly utilized while others are language-specific. If common or perhaps language-specific, their particular frequent, natural and appropriate daily use is an indication of native or perhaps near-native command of the dialect, Kharma and Hajjaj (1989: 73) declare " the other learner of English who also tries to prevent them will right away single himself out as being a foreigner". The non-native learner's use of idiomatic expressions could be also because of the little expertise or ignorance rather than elimination.

Types and causes of mistakes

Arabic students may deal with the problem of non-equivalence, some idioms are very similar in that means and type with Arabic language while others are similar in meaning nevertheless different in form. The main reason for this is the existence of differences at the cultural, grammatical, lexical or stylistic levels. For example , a lot of the grammatical errors are inside the areas of content articles and prepositions. First, Addition and omission...

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