I Wandered Lonesome as a Cloud

 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Essay

1 . Who is speaking?

The author, Bill Wordsworth, is definitely the speaker.

2 . Who is the loudspeaker talking?

The speaker is usually talking to the person who the reader with the poem is, providing an imagery with the daffodils field. 3. What is the dramatic context with the poem?

The dramatic framework of the poem would be the repeating of the symbolism of the daffodils and the author being only while passing by this scenery. 4. What happens during the poem?

The author uses the 1st three stanzas explains the image of the daffodils which this individual walked complete when he was walking only, then explaining how this kind of picture even now pops up in the head sometimes, like when he is around the couch. five. What motivates the presenter to speak right now, in the develop he/she uses? The beauty of the daffodils.

6th. How does the language of the composition contribute to the meaning? The chinese language of the poem contributes to it is meaning by making use of personification to get the discipline of daffodils alive, for that reason showing more depth showing how beautiful and appreciative the author feels on the scenery. 7. How may be the poem organized?

The composition is split into four stanzas; first three describing the scenery with the daffodils, and the last detailing how this imagery whizzes back into his head. The poem is likewise written based on the routine a w a b c c, as well as eight syllables altogether. 8. Do patterns of rhyme and rhythm for the meaning and effect of the poem? Certainly, patterns of rhyme and rhythm carry out effect the meaning of the composition because the representation brings the scenery of daffodils in, and the duplication shows simply how much the author appreciates it. 9. What styles does the composition contain?

The poem is made up of of two main styles which are, the appreciation of nature and also imagery in the actual landscape. 10. The thing that was your first response to the poem?

My first response to the poem was that the author of the poem was walking around somewhere alone and flashing back in some specific memories in his life that...

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