Holden Caulfield

 Holden Caulfield Essay

In The Baseball catchers in the Rye, Holden Caulfield views the earth as a great evil and corrupt place where there is not a peace. " His anger turned to relentlessly unforgiving cultural scorn. " (Coles)This belief of the world would not change significannot ly throughout the novel. Even so as the novel progresses, Holden gradually comes to the realization that he is powerless to change this kind of. " Holden Caulfield acquired much looking for him--a comfortable suburban existence and a privileged educational background within a private school. " (Coles) During the short time of Holden's life protected in this publication. Shortly after Holden leaves Pencey Prep, he checks in to the Edmont Motel. This is " what Holden Caulfield will call В‘the phony world'. " (French) Holden consumes the following night in the hotel which was " full of pervs and morons. [There were] screwballs everywhere. " (Salinger 61) His situation simply deteriorates from this point on while the more this individual looks around this world, the greater depressing lifestyle seems. Around every spot Holden sees corruption. This individual looks from a world which usually appears entirely immoral and unscrupulous. In those 3 days the novel places a fixer-upper Holden in the vicinity of Manhattan. The town is filled with decor and getaway splendor, however, much to Holden's despair seldom brings any occasions of peace, charity and even genuine merriment. Holden is definitely surrounded by what he views as drunks, perverts, morons and screwballs. These verite which Holden holds waver very briefly during just one particular field in the book. The scene is that with Mr. Antolini. Following Mr. Antolini patted Holden on the brain while having been sleeping, Holden jumped up and sold out thinking that Mister. Antolini was a pervert as well. This is the only time during the novel exactly where Holden considers twice about considering an individual as a perv. After reviewing Mr. Antolini, Holden finally concludes that maybe he wasn't producing a " flitty" move at him. Maybe he just like patting guys heads...

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