Graphing Periodic Tendencies

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The periodic is a desk of the elements, organized in order of increasing atomic number. Factors that have similar chemical real estate and electronic digital structures come in vertical columns, or also referred to as groups. The Periodic Legislation states that whenever elements are placed in order of increasing atomic quantity, their physical and substance properties display a periodic pattern. The purpose of the lab was to discover how two periodic properties, atomic radius, and 1st ionization energy, vary with the atomic number for the first twenty elements. Supplies:

Please direct back to the materials outlined on pg. 45 in the Nelson Chemistry 11. Method:

Please refer back to the supplies listed in pg. forty-five in the Nelson Chemistry 10. Observations:

Atomic Radius or Atomic Number/Name

Element| Atomic Radius

H| 53

He| 31

Li| 167

Be| 112

B| 87

C| 67

N| 56

O| 48

F| 42

Ne| 38

Na| 190

Mg| 145

Al| 118

Si| 111

P| 98

S| 88

Cl| 79

Ar| 71

K| 243

Ca| 194


A) Explain any developments for the atomic radius versus atomic number in a period and within a group? Going from left to right, the radius reduces as the increasing quantity of protons brings electrons closer to the nucleus. Comparably, going from top to bottom, the radius increases as the atoms commence filling a growing number of valence covers. B) In which group of elements do the atoms have the largest radii whenever you move through the period? Group 1 have largest radii as you maneuver across the period. This is because Group 1 is usually on the start of periodic desk and as you move through the period desk, the radii decreases. C) In which number of elements the actual atoms have the smallest radii as you move across the period? Group almost 8 has the smallest radii as you move across the period. This is due to Group almost 8 is on the end of the regular table as you move across the...

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