Family Challenges / Family members Violence: Disrupted and Reconstituted Families

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 Family Concerns  Friends and family Violence: Interrupted and Reconstituted Families Dissertation


Graduate College of Supervision

2nd Trimester 2011-2012

Management Problems of Development

DPM – 703

Family Complications / Family members Violence: Disrupted and Reconstituted Families

Flowers M. Lucerna


Dr . Celso D. Benologa





2. Types of Family

2. Family Structure/ Composition

* Disrupted Friends and family

Causes of Family Disruption

1 . Death of fogeys

2 . Abandonment

3. Filipino Diaspora /Migratory Work

4. Divorce

* Reconstituted Family

* Family Physical violence

* Types of Maltreatment

* Stats / Prevalence of Home Violence

2. Trends of Violence

5. Philippine Laws and regulations Protecting Ladies and Children


Relatives as defined is the simple social product which is out there in all societies. It provides important support for the individual in society. That this caters for the physical, powerful and mental needs of the individual. That expectedly it provides the person with interpersonal and educational support. The is also responsible for rearing and protecting kids. It is the standard unit of socialization and cultural transmitting, since children acquire all their fundamental principles and perceptions from their family members. Indeed, is it doesn't social cell in which humans are created, and in which they learn how to become associates of a larger human contemporary society.

However , the family is as well where various interpersonal clashes occur, challenges develop, and individuals go through. All families have issues from time to time. A lot of families include resources to solve their problems while others usually do not. When a family is no longer able to handle its concerns, and are not able to provide the basic physical, reliability, effective and emotional requirements of their members, we call this kind of family ‘dysfunctional'. Where interrupted and reconstituted families happen to be discussed in addition to many reasons why a family turns into disrupted or perhaps reconstituted. And the like, they are alcohol dependency, drug craving, physical health issues, death, conflict, poverty, joblessness, mental illness, spouse abuse, child abuse, divorce and separation, and polygamy.

This kind of paper aims at cultivating the knowledge and understanding of the essential concepts associated with family life. That even as discuss the importance of the family members, we also note the down sides that may stop the successful working of the family locally and globally.


*  Two or more people who share goals and values, have long term commitments to one another, and reside usually inside the same residing place. 5. The 1973 Constitution, describes that the Point out " shall strengthen the family like a basic sociable institution. ” * Is definitely the oldest kind of institution inside the history of mankind. It performs a significant role in the personality development and socialization of the child in different developing stages. 2. Fundamental social group in society commonly consisting of 1 or 2 parents and their children.


1 . Nuclear Family - is made up of the daddy, mother and children living together beneath one roof. 2 . Prolonged family is made up of all users of a nuclear family, and also grandparents, aunts, uncles, and/or cousins, most living with each other as one friends and family.


Polygamous Family- In a few parts of the world, such as in Muslim countries and some Photography equipment countries, men are allowed to have an overabundance than one wife. installment payments on your Single-Parent Family members - Is definitely headed by simply one mother or father, usually the mother. three or more. Step Friends and family - Also referred to as a reconstituted or merged family. some. Adoptive Relatives - A few children are implemented by their relatives. 5. Engender Family -- Some children are placed with foster families because they just do not have a household of their own, or because their family would not meet their very own safety and welfare requires. 6. The Child-Headed Relatives - This can be the family where a number of children have lost both equally parents. These kinds of children might not exactly have family members...

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