Domesticated- Cats Compared to Dogs

 Domesticated- Felines Verses Canines Research Newspaper

Domesticated- Cats verses Dogs

Alicia Gallegos

ENG 121: English Composition 1

Justin Brumit

September 18, 2012


Individuals have domesticated animals for hundreds of thousands of years, dogs and cats are a pair of the most common. Since cats and dogs became more trained over the years we can see that they have become used to moving into captivity. Seeing that cats and dogs happen to be completely different varieties, the comparability and distinction will be manufactured on how they are both common household pets. Experiencing the topics of attributes, size, actions, grooming, caring and nourishing of these types of pets, we will see right after and similarities they have together. As we go through each pet trait you ought to be able to make up your mind on which you might best package you. A few begin with the similarities among cats and dogs, intended for the understanding of what the two types of animals have to give you as well as a lot of disadvantages. The most common thing between cats and dogs is that they both have hair, which can cause allergies to behave up, from the dander within their fur, as well more cleaning of the house as a result of shedding. For the types of domesticated pets or animals, it is strongly recommended that you take the capsules in for standard check-ups using a veterinarian to get vaccines and other health related concerns. Both cats and dogs can eat wet, dried out, or a mix of the two food to maintain a healthy diet. It is often noticed by pet owners to take their dog or cat in a groomer to get a bath, hair-cut, nail trimming, and flee treatment although it is commonly known that these types of pets or animals groom themselves. Another basic trait that dogs and cats happen to be alike is definitely they can change for outside or inside living without having any problems. At the same time they will both have litters twice 12 months and can have as many as ten babies throughout a single cover. Both cats and dogs are one in the same with regards to being loveable and offering affection, and both love to...

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