Cultural Proficiency

 Essay on Cultural Competence

Thanks for submitting the Social Competence Physician Assessment. Depending on your responses to each sub-scale, the following methods should allow you to enhance your cultural and linguistic competence: Subscale: Values and Belief Systems


The Ideals and Perception Systems subscale concerns practitioners' knowledge of the values and belief systems of various cultural teams and their influence on health care access and use. The scale is exploring perspectives of health, illness, well-being, care-seeking behaviors, classic health practices, spirituality, and family/community aspect. Your profile on this subscale indicates that you may benefit from getting knowledge that will enable you to: * identify and have interaction key ethnical informants inside diverse neighborhoods. * question key ethnical informants relating to values, philosophy and practices of community members because they relate to: 5. health, medical, illness and well-being

* diet, nutrition, work out

* religiosity & spirituality

* family members dynamics

* specialist credibility

* resiliency & talents

5. discern cultural group best practice rules and within just group distinctions. * identify and employ information coming from strengths-based assessments of communities and family members. RESOURCES

Library Assets

" Cross-Cultural Primary Treatment: A Patient-Based Approach". Carillo, J. Elizabeth., Green, A. R. & Betancourt, M. R. 99. Annals of Internal Remedies 130(910), 829-834. Health issues inside the black community (2nd impotence. ). Braithwaite, R. D., & Taylor, S. E. (Eds. ). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2001. В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В Chapters of Interest:

4. Lifestyle Behaviors

В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В 

five. В Ethical, Political, and Ecological Problems. The Latino Patient: A Cultural Guidebook for Physicians. Nilda Chong. Intercultural Press, 2001 В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В Chapters interesting:

2 . Cultural Values with the Latino Affected person В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В a few. Health Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Video Resources

Sides Apart: A Four-Part Series on Cross-Cultural Healthcare. Online video Modules by M. Grainger-Monsen & T. Haslett. Facilitator's Guide with a. Green, T. Betancourt & EJ. E. Carrillo. Distributed by Fanlight Shows, 800-937-4113

" Darkish Eyes, Green Eyes: Linking Perceptions and gratification Facilitator Guide" by Indra Lahiri, Ph. D. of Workforce Creation GroupВ

Online Resources


" Supplier Handbooks upon Culturally Skilled Care" Section 7 of The Culturally Qualified Care Toolkit, produced by the Institute pertaining to Culturally Qualified Care, Chef Permanente, 2003, to order, call 510-271-6663. В

Diversity and Cultural Competency Case Research. Developed by the American Senior high of Friends and family Physicians, since posted on the net page with the American Medical Student Association.

Ethnic Aspects of Epidemiology


The Cultural Aspects of Epidemiology subscale consists of eight questions. This subscale worries practitioners' familiarity with cultural, environmental and related etiologic factors that play a role in disease. This probes well being disparity and risk and protective elements for underserved groups and communities. The profile on this subscale signifies that you could benefit from gaining relief of knowing that will let you: * recognize health, nourishment & nommable diseases widespread in migrant and refugee populations 2. learn the overall health protective factors influenced by cultural methods * identify the prevalence of into the mental well being disparities amongst racial and ethnic teams * determine the impact of health and mental health disparities on communities served by your organization or program 2. access crucial...

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