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Record on Sands Corporation

Submitted to Prof. Mukul Vasavada

DATE: 15/09/2009



August 14th 1961

Towards the Vice President (Manufacturing)

Sands Firm

From Executive Assistant

Sands Corporation

Subject: Report upon installation of fresh plant

Special Sir,

I am submitting the detailed record on the installation of the new flower. Sands Corporation has two options of setting up the new grow, either in Kimberly or perhaps at Hampton. Various factors such as capital cost, time cost and overhead bills have been ingested in to thought.

I hope the analysis i use done satisfies your worries.

I will be pleased to seek any more clarification regarding the analysis.


Executive helper

Sands Organization

Executive Brief summary

Sands Firm established in 1941 makes wide range of parts for aircraft, automotive and agricultural tools industries. They have two branch plants which is approximately two hundred miles away from the main plant. Not required

Around 1962 Sands Firm won the competitive putting in a bid to supply the military aircraft parts. Organization executives made a decision to install a fresh plant to fulfil this contract in stipulated time. Company provides two options to locate the newest plant possibly at Kimberly Street or at Hampton

Taking in to consideration the various factors just like land, time, electricity and also other factors both the options had been analysed. Unfinished?


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3. Conditions For Analysis 6

four. Options 6

5. Evaluation of Options 6-7

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eight. Exhibits 8-9

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Scenario Analysis

Sands Corporation a well-known company, which makes wide range of parts for the aircraft, auto and agricultural equipment companies. It controlled at 3 plants which are located in Midwestern section of United States.

There was another increase in the production of armed forces and space programs and it started receiving even more orders. Sands corporation earned the competitive bidding in 1961 to supply the military aeroplanes parts. To fulfil this kind of order, Sands Corporation made a decision to install a fresh plant since the purchase could not become manufactured in existing plant since the specifications mentioned were of greater sizes. Firm executives concluded that a new flower would demand a space of 75, 500 square feet and it was approximated that a new plant would cost around $6, 00, 000 using a requirement of 600 employees. With this, it has to choose between two choices, a site by Kimberly Street or for Hampton. The construction of the new plant might approximately consider 4-6 weeks under the condition that work must be started over the following two weeks in case the foundations may be laid ahead of the first ice.

A penalty of $1000 would be charged/day in case there is late delivery after a style period of per week.

Cost Being Incurred By Company

It absolutely was estimated that to install a fresh plant by Kimberly streets it would price $33, 07, 410 and at Hampton it will cost $35, 11, 980. These cost include the cost of land, time and...

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