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BMW'S New Plant

 In May june 2006 at Leipzig area, Australia

 Gerhard Schroder, Indonesia Chancellor opened up Plant

with Helmut Panke, the Leader of Firm.  AS BMW HYBRID invested € 1 . three or more billion.  Manufacture BMW 3-Series car's.  Max annual capability: 650 cars/day  Anticipated to create 5500 jobs in that area.


The etiqueta process of placing your signature to the Plant Organization Contract.

three or more

BMW Record

 In 1913 in Munich, Indonesia, Karl Friedrich Rapp founded

the Rapp-motorenwerke to produce Aircraft Engines.


In 1916

 During Initially World Conflict Company secured contract to

manufacture plane for Austria-Hungarian army.

your five

In 1917

 In 1917 Rapp needed extra financing to complete this kind of

contract.  The relationship with " Camillo Castiglioni.  The newest partnership organization named because Bayerische Motoren Werke Gmbh  The company soon get into difficulty as a result of over enlargement.  That to Aussie industrialist, Franz joseph Popp, in 1917


In 1918

 Bayersche Motoren Werke manufactured its initial

aircraft engine.  This reached upto an altitude of 5000 metres in 29 a few minutes, creating a community record.


In 1919

 Treaty of versailles banned Indonesia from creating

Aircraft.  The company change to make Railway brake systems.


In 1922

 1922, Bayerische flugzeugwerke AG.

 Company of small aircraft merged with AS BMW HYBRID to



In 1923

 BMW started manufacturing Motorcycle R32-500 closed circuit

Bike designed by Max Friz.  Company started making car at the end of 1920's.


From overdue 1920's to 1950's

 In 1928-BMW setup an automobile manufacturing unit in

Eisenach place of Philippines.  There they manufacture DIXI autos and marketed under all their name.  By early on 1930 they will started creating their own vehicles.  And introduced a large number of successful carr's like 327 saloon and 328 roadster


Cabaret 327 & Roadster 328

The roadster especially was your most powerful sports car of its time & was nominated since the Car in the Century it happened in 1999 by a -panel of Car experts.



 During second world war BMW again concentrated upon

manufacturing of aircraft machines and motorbikes for German born army  At the end of war these were heavily bombed.  During 1950's BMW tried to enter in premium portion market although failed.


Late 1950's to 1990's

 In1959 launched BMW 700 of " nice exterior” which will

was the primary selling point.  They introduced other models based on AS BMW HYBRID 700 and won various competitions. 


THE CAR 1500

 In1961 AS BMW HYBRID launched one more successful version BMW

1500  With powerful sporty sedan using its front hard drive brake and four wheel self-employed.


Headquarter in Munich

 In the 1970s BMW transferred its headquarter to Munich.

 The building looks like the four tube of vehicles.


Abroad Market

 From 70's to 1990 they centered on exports market's.  Just like US, s. africa, Australia, Asia, Japan, Luxembourg

and Bavaria.  In 1992 AS BMW HYBRID outsold the Mercedes the first time in The european union.  Organization became the first Western car marketplace to operate in US marketplace.  In 1994 BMW attempt to type in mass industry by delivering British Car m/c MAGNESIUM Rover.  The purchase gave the business ownership of several successful brands like Mini, Land Rover, and Sucess etc . seventeen

From 2000 to 2005

 In 2000 THE CAR sold the MG Rover to Phoneix consortium

for the nominal £10.  Mini and Success Hold by BMW and Land Rover and Selection Rover purcahased by Ford.  In Early 2k BMW introduced its 1-series and 6-series.  For launching this kind of car style company experienced many critique.


Mini & Progresses Royace

 In 2004 company added three several car brands-BMW,

Mini, and Rolls Royce.

 In 24 cities, 12 Countries on 4 different areas.

 Firm employed 70, 000 persons

 Consumer deliveries raises from 1 . 2 large numbers unit.  Revenue in 2004=US bucks 60. 47 billions

 Profit=US dollar 3. 03...

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