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Inside the changed organization scenario wherever organizations have to compete throughout the world, benchmar Kracker have become global, organizations survival and quality requires not only meeting regional but also global requirements. Thus, aim of the companies is not just restricted to all their survival although also generation of earnings and establish themselves exclusive from other folks as a worldwide brand.

Apple is one of the leaders when it comes to Innovation in product design and customer satisfaction. Apple well does it's homework when it comes to product development and marketing strategies related to it..

It has been said that you ought to strategize keeping in mind strategies used by it is competitors and rivals, in this case Apple is the one that enjoys benefits over other folks and is then its opponents in terms of products and positioning with their products for the target clients, this is because Apple leads the consumer electronics marketplace not only by strategizing in different ways but likewise by the assortments of top quality electronic gadgets it provides.

The marketing strategies are generally designed by the best level managing and are formulated by the lower level management. The middle level convey the strategies to the lower level managers to market their products.

The marketing strategies are formulated with a view to convert potential customers in customers and existing customers into loyal consumers which result in repurchase.


Apple Inc. is a north american multinational firm which is the world leader in consumer electronics, computer programs, and personal computer systems. It was incorporated on January 3, 1977 by the name of Apple Computer, Inc. but became known as Apple Inc. in the year 2007. Apple was a imagine the man lurking behind its success, and the legend him self - Steve Jobs. Steve was afterwards joined by Steve Wozniak and then Ronald Wayne whom invested in the organization. With more than 350 stores all over the world, Apple is based at Cupertino, California, U. S The business is best-known for its components products specifically Macintosh distinctive line of computers that was introduced back in 1984 which usually revolutionrised the industry of computer's desktop computers, although it was heavy and had few flaws but it was the start of their surge and written for further enhancements and re-inventions. Till 98, Apple experienced established on its own as an emerging computer systems manufacturer with many ups and downs jointly may confront but with the design team which was led simply by Jonathan Ive, it increased Apple's sale of its new All-in-one computer -The iMac. Computers remain an important part of the product mix which is presented with the great line of products just like Ipods, Apple iphones and Ipads, but acceptance these days happen to be of music-related products just like its digital music player (iPod) and on the net music store(iTunes) and also the new captivative touchscreen devices which includes all the Apple iphones and Ipads, etc . Apple's desktop and laptop computers all of these feature their OS X operating system - include the Mac mini, iMac, and MacBook for the consumer and education marketplaces, and more strong Power Mac and Macbook-pro for sophisticated consumers and professionals associated with design and publishing.


* To find out about MERCHANDISE ofFERINGS OF Apple.

* target customers for anyone products.

2. To see just how effective will be Apple's marketing and positioning strategy. * To find out the Apple's market share.

* SWOT of Apple computers.

* To find out the level of Recognition about Apple products. * To find out the most popular brand on the market.


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