Antwon Fisher

 Antwon Fisher Essay


Loyola University Chi town

Advanced Evaluation

SOWK 504


By: Ashley Soehn



This daily news is a professional assessment of Antwone Fisher as he can be portrayed in the film

Antwone Fisher. This will be considered a hypothetical advanced assessment made by me, who

can act as his therapist. The film can be described as true story about a guy going through numerous

hurdles and hardships before becoming a member of ten U. S. Navy. He goes through other issues while

on duty which is ordered to see a therapist. This kind of paper is going to explore Antwone's past and

present issues, check into client systems, bring out his strengths and explore and assess

his earlier and current behaviors. This paper may also integrate a Bio-Psycho-Social-

Spiritual assessment tool and Ego psychology.


Customer Systems

Antowne has many people who have an impact on his life over the film.

The first is Antwones biological mom Eva Mae Fisher. Antwone's biological mother

was just a young adult when your woman became pregnant with him. She was arrested shortly after

and was devote jail wherever she offered birth to Antwone. His biological daddy was killed

just before he was delivered. Antwone is without known biological siblings, good friends or

friends in the neighborhood.

The next all those who have00 had a significant impact on Antwone's life are his

foster father and mother Mr. and Mrs. Tate and Nadine Tate. Once Antowne's mother did not

claim him after being released from incarceration, the Tate family started to be his create

at the age of two years old. Later inside the film, Cheryl, Aunt Annette and Dr . Jerome

Davenport will be introduced. Great aunt Annette is his biological aunt whom he later connects

with, Cheryl becomes a romantic curiosity and Dr . Davenport is definitely his therapist. A

genogram is provided for the back web page.

Influential Conditions

The biggest powerfulk circumstance that may be related to Antwones current problems

his involvement in the U. S. Navy. The navy have been an overall positive impact on his

life. However , having this sort of a hard past has caused Antwone to be a incredibly

temperamental man using a violent outburst. This mood caused him to get into a fight ADVANCED ASSESSMENT 5

with a guy sailor causing him being demoted, limited to ship intended for forty five days and

has to seek psychiatric treatment. This is when Dr . Davenport comes into Antwone's


Referral Origin

Because this analysis was depending on a character in a film, this kind of portion of the

evaluation is not applicable. Nevertheless , since having been referred to a therapist inside the film

it can be assumed that we, as the therapist, will be completing this kind of assessment as though I

was in Dr . Davenports shoes or boots.

Client SystemProblems/Difficulties

The initially difficulty can be Antowne staying born to his youthful mother while in jail and then

being put in an orphanage until she was released and may claim him. At the age group

of two when Antowne's mother had not claimed him, he was placed into a create home

having a religious family members known as the Tate family. Following suffering emotional and physical

abuse by Mrs. Tate, Antwone still left his house at the age of 14 and lived on the

streets intended for...

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