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Safe and Effective

Attention Environment:

Supervision of Treatment

Test you: Management of Care: Ethical, Legal,

and Safety Issues in Nursing

1 ) A hospitalized client identified as having end-stage tumor

has instantly decided to stop treatment. The

client asks for no further treatment, just like antibiotics, tube feedings, and mechanical air flow. When performing as the client's supporter, which actions should a

nurse take?

1 . Value the client's wishes and indicate these wishes

around the plan of care

2 . Encourage the customer to share your decision with the

family and the patient's physician

a few. Clarify other treatments that the client wants to

hold back

4. Delay until additional treatment is required and after that

decide what to do based on the client's state


In advocating for the customer, the nurse should inspire the client to talk about the decision with family and the physician. To advocate for someone means to speak for that person when the person is unable to speak for him- or herself. The client remains able to help to make his or her very own decisions, which will be better supported when the customer shares while using family and medical doctor. Although the wishes should be suggested on the plan of proper care, this registered nurse action does not demonstrate promoting for the consumer. A physician buy is required to limit treatment. Though additional treatments should be reviewed, the priority at this time is definitely the discussion while using family and doctor.

➧ Test-taking Tip: Use the process of eradication. Note the important thing word " suddenly”, which indicates the decision can be new.

Content material Area: Supervision of Proper care; Category of Well being Alteration: Ethical, Legal, and Safety Issues in Nursing; Built-in Processes: Patient; Client Require: Safe and Effective Attention Environment/Management of Care/Advocacy; Cognitive Level: Program

Reference: Harkreader, H., Hogan, M., & Thobaben, M. (2007). Principles of Nursing (3rd male impotence., pp. 12–21). St . Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.

2 . A professional nurse is definitely orienting a fresh nurse tending to

multiple clientele on an oncology nursing unit. The experienced nurse explains for the new health professional that to advocate to get clients, a nurse has to be able to recognize ethical concerns and connect the clients' wishes to others. Which

main role of the nurse counsel should the experienced nurse also explain to the newest nurse? 1 ) Safeguard clients against abuse and violation of their


2 . Help to make decisions to get clients depending on the nurse's

knowledge and relationship.

several. Assist customers in expressing their privileges.

4. Know about the clients' values so the nurse can

assist in decision making.



The main role in advocacy is always to keep the client safe—to secure clients against abuse and violation of their rights. Customers may not be capable of advocate for themselves. The specialist role with the nurse is usually to defend customers' autonomy in decision making. The nurse need to never help to make a treatment decision for consumers. However , the nurse ought to keep clientele informed of their treatment instructions and their privileges. Although it is very important to know the clients' beliefs, it is not the primary role of the nurse supporter. ➧ Test-taking Tip: " Primary role” are key phrases. Recall that advocacy concentrates on clients' rights, thus remove options two and four. Of the staying two alternatives, select the choice that

illustrates a more robust nursing role.

CHAPTER five Safe and Effective Attention Environment: Managing of Attention


Articles Area: Management of Treatment; Category of Health Alteration: Honest, Legal, and Safety Issues in Nursing; Included Processes: Medical Process Preparing; Client Will need: Safe and Effective Proper care Environment/ Administration of Care/Advocacy; Cognitive Level: Application

Research: Wilkinson, M., & Vehicle Leuven, E. (2007). Fundamentals of Nursing jobs (pp. 1048, 1068–1069). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis.

three or more. A medical client explains to a health professional that he/she has been in significant...

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(2006). Clinical Handbook intended for Pediatric Nursing jobs (pp. 334–335). Upper

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